Circle is a website and software program that aims to make sending money easier and faster as well as integrated with standard communication. You can use Circle to send standard messages as easily as you can use it to send money. Money send under $250,000 is FDIC insured, and your account details are doubly encrypted to ensure the maximum possible security. Circle is free to download and there are no exchange fee markups when trying to switch currency, ensuring that you keep the majority of your cash. The messaging service allows you to send emojis and GIFs as well as normal messages or money transfers.

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Features of Circle
  • Circle helps you send money as easily as you can communicate with others.
  • You can mix in easy money transfers with your regular messages with someone, making the process much simpler.
  • Circle's actual communication system allows you to send things like GIFs and emojis, so you get a better experience than you would with most standard money transferring apps.
  • Your account on Circle is doubly encrypted with advanced technology and your money is insured by the FDIC, so you know that your account and your money is secure.
Pros of Circle
  • Circle mixes communication and money transferring. Because of this, moving money efficiently is easier than ever when using it. You can always tell people what you are sending money to them for.
  • Circle's communication system itself is better than some apps that focus only on communication. You can send GIFs or pictures as easily as you can send standard messages with the site.
  • Your account is incredibly safe with Circle because Circle uses advanced security software to doubly encrypt your account information so you do not have to worry about your account being hacked into and compromised.
Cons of Circle
  • It can be somewhat suspicious to have Circle on your phone given that the purpose of the app is to move money with ease. If you do not care about this, then it is less of an issue.
  • There are some limitations to what you can send with the actual communication aspect of Circle. The purpose of it is not really meant to be just standard communication.
  • If you go over $250,000 in your account or in your transfer, the money will not be insured by the FDIC, so you should refrain from sending amounts that surpass that threshold.
Circle Reviews

Circle is on the forefront of money transferring. The app connects the movement of money with casual conversation, making it easier than ever to simply mix the two. Communication with Circle is fun and interactive as you can send emojis and GIFs. One of the most important aspects of the app is the security that your account and your money comes with. Because the money is insured by the FDIC and your account is doubly encrypted, you do not have to worry about anyone trying to access your account or take any of your money. The whole system is easy to use and makes money transferring much less of a hassle. Whether you need to text a roommate your rent money or send cash to a friend overseas, you are guaranteed to eventually find yourself in a situation where you will be able to use Circle.

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