Web is a website that allows users to print postage stamps from their own computer to use own mail being sent throughout the world. The website also offers packaging, package slips, tracking for customers to track their orders, and other postage solutions. offers mailing solutions for small office mailers, online sellers, warehouse shippers, and corporations. uses USPS for postage and gives users access to all classes and services. also lets users schedule free USPS package pickups from their own computer at home to avoid any trips to the post office at all. When beginning service with, there is a free 4-week trial period and they will give you $5 in free postage to use. is a great option if you need postage for your online business, small business, or even a big corporation. offers convenient solutions for any person who is too busy, or just doesn't feel like, going to the post office to package items, purchase and apply postage stamps or package slips, and drop them off to be mailed out. Even though the $15.99 per month price tag is a little steep, for everything you get with the service it isn't the worst thing to pay. provides a free scale to measure packages at home so that you are never guessing how much postage you need to buy and pay more. also lets you set up a time with USPS to pick up the packages so you don't have to spend more valuable time standing in the post office line. does offer customer service if there is ever an issue with the software but that customer service can be hit or miss. If you're looking to cancel they can really give you a hard time but if you keep firm and direct they'll terminate the service, and if you're within the 4-week trial period when you cancel you won't be charged at all. serves to be a convenient solution for anyone who does a lot of shipping or mailing and wants to save both time and money.

Features of
  • Buy and print storage from your computer at home
  • Ship and mail using all USPS classes including certified mail
  • Unlimited shipments and technical support
Pros of
  • No more trips to the post office
  • Discount on bulk stamps
  • Print stamps and package slips from your own computer
  • Easy to use software
Cons of
  • Difficult to terminate service
  • At least $15.99 per month
  • Customer service can be hit or miss Video

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