Ordoro is an all-in-one inventory management tool for small and midsize retail businesses that operate over the internet. It is designed to work across a number of platforms and manage shipping companies. Ordoro has the advantage of being designed to allow an online business to manage all of their accounts from a single centralized location. This includes Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Magento, and more. Ordoro is integrated with shipping accounts like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and others in order to streamline the shipping process as much as possible. In addition, Ordoro allows a business to sift through competing shipping companies to find the most affordable rate and maximize their profits. This level of integration in turn allows Ordoro’s users to monitor their inventory across each of their accounts. In terms of pricing, Ordoro is based on a monthly subscription that allows multiple tiers based on the number of shipments a company is likely to make in a month.

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Features of Ordoro
  • Financial reports including total revenue, revenue by sales channel, costs, and taxes
  • Shipping costs by carrier, speed of shipping, performance of drop shipping suppliers
  • Inventory by supplier, product movement, and amount of revenue tied up in inventory
  • Profit margins overall and by supply channel, best and worst performing products
Pros of Ordoro
  • Intuitive UX design
  • Discounted shipping for Ordoro users
  • Compare and contrast shipping rates
  • Excellent item inventory
  • Automated reports
  • Excellent customer support structure
Cons of Ordoro
  • Basic plans do not include many of the aforementioned pros
  • Tiered payment system is difficult on a tighter budget
  • Won’t be appropriate for larger businesses
Ordoro Reviews

Ordoro has received overall positive reviews from its customers who love the fact that there is no software to download or install. Ordoro is accessible from anywhere that can pull in an internet connection. The majority of users have found it easy to work with and Ordoro offers a 15-day free trial for users to get the hang of it and integrate the software into their business. The tiered pricing program isn’t bad, per se, but it forces businesses into the position of guessing how many orders they are likely to need on a monthly basis as opposed to paying by the order, which would save them from overpaying for unused orders, or underpaying and maxing out their order tier. Ordoro also provides a complete detailed record keeping report for shipments and inventory that will make management of stock much easier. Ordoro does the legwork for you. Most of the negative reviews aimed at Ordoro came from 2015. These cited a lack of features and lag after 500 orders. Ordoro has since upgraded the software, so it stands to reason these issues have been addressed, which is a very good sign. A responsive company produces consistently improving software.

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