Storefront is a service that specializes in finding short-term pop-up locations for rent for businesses. Storefront is run by PopUp Immo, Inc., who touts the many advantages of pop-up businesses on their website. For example, according to the company, it costs only an average of $2,000 to open a pop-up storefront versus $90,000 for an average brick and mortar store, and setting up a pop-up takes only around 12 days versus 60 days. Another advantage is average increased sales per square foot, $1,230 versus $341.

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Features of Storefront
  • Find, view rent prices for and contact pop-up locations to start a temporary storefront
  • Easy to access web service that can be used on any device
  • Exclusive concierge service to help businesses find a perfect spot
Pros of Storefront
  • Using the web service to find available pop-up locations is free
Cons of Storefront
  • The service is only fully supported in Storefront's "core" locations: London, United Kingdom; Paris, France; Amsterdam, Netherlands; New York City; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Hong Kong; and Milan, Italy
Storefront Reviews

Pop-up businesses are all the rage nowadays, with stores appearing for a few months, or even a few days, and then vanishing as if they were never there. It can be a lucrative business since it limits costs and lets companies test out different locations to see which ones are most welcoming of a product or service. Storefront is the perfect solution to help pop-up businesses find their next cozy nook for a certain season or event. Navigating to the Storefront website brings up a small search box, where the user inputs a location and a project type. A list of available locations is brought up so the user can decide which one is the best choice. Clicking on a location shows the price per week, what sort of pop-ups would be ideal for the space, a description of the space, photos and a "Send Request" button. The private concierge service on the Storefront website can be used for those who want a catered approach. After filling out a brief form, the information is forwarded to a real person, who will attempt to find the perfect spot for a pop-up. Those new to the pop-up business can benefit from Storefront's Ultimate Popup Guide on the website (requires registration to access).

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