HelloWallet is budgeting software that helps users build an easy spending plan and track their improvements along the way. To track your spending and income, the software connects to your banking and other financial accounts. The software also provides some financial guidance to its users with forecasting information and recommendations for saving. With apps available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, you can take your budget plan on the go.

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Features of HelloWallet
  • Provides step-by-step advice to help you set up emergency and retirement savings, reduce debt, and complete other budgeting tasks
  • Gives you a look at all of your financial information in one place by linking to all of your banking and financial accounts in real time
  • Keeps security as one of its priorities by not allowing you or anyone else to move money around within the software
  • Budgeting and expense tracking features give you a look at where your money goes
  • Provides you with a wellness score of your financial life that increases or decreases based on the progress you make while using the software to budget your money
Pros of HelloWallet
  • Provides reminders when bills are due
  • Can edit transactions
  • Customizable budget categories and to do lists
  • Lets you select the necessary accounts rather than importing everything
  • Provides flags for reimbursable and tax deductible money
  • The Make More Money feature gives you steps and advice on how to build your wealth, rather than relying on simply saving money
Cons of HelloWallet
  • No date range filter on the transactions section
  • Cannot hide some transactions that are not relevant
  • Limited capability for running spending and budgeting reports
  • Does not automatically name transactions based on preset criteria
  • Trends section is a bit hard to understand based on the graphics provided
HelloWallet Reviews

HelloWallet provides a user-friendly interface that makes budgeting your money simple. The software does not include gimmicks or rewards for saving or completing certain tasks, like other budgeting software. Setting up your account with HelloWallet is as easy as providing your income, loading your banking and financial accounts, and entering all of your bills and expenses. When compared to free budgeting software, HelloWallet is a bit costly at $8.95 a month, but you do not get bombarded with ads or pop-ups. The software is also easier to use and looks nicer than the free budgeting software, although there are a few glitches that need to be resolved on the app.

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