When you need to backup the personal information on your mobile device easily and accurately EaseUS can provide you with a simple solution.

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Features of EaseUS
  • Recover deleted files with a simple one-click system
  • Filter your results using a number of different metrics
  • Coordinates with the EaseUS desktop platform
Pros of EaseUS
  • Incredibly easy to setup and use
  • Offers a free service plan
  • Comes secured with a money back guarantee
Cons of EaseUS
  • Doesn't offer cloud recovery options
  • Uses a confusing, tiered pricing plan
  • Lack of testimonials on company site
EaseUS Reviews

They say it's best to hope for the best and prepare for the worst, and that's especially true when discussing your private information. As users have moved away from computers as their primary technological devices, phones have become an increasingly integrated part of our private and public lives. Mobile devices often serve as our connection to our greater social networks, our primary means of doing business, and the device that holds all of our photos, videos, and other treasured memories. While there's a vast amount of software that allows you to backup the data on your computer, the market for similar applications catered towards mobile users are far more limited. EaseUS offers one of the best backup options for mobile users, providing a seamless and simple experience that lets you ensure your data is stored safely without having to labor over repetitive tasks or configuration. There are a number of reasons why you'd want to make use of a software platform like this. Mobile phones often have limited storage capabilities, and transferring your information elsewhere means that you don't have to choose between the memories, documents, and photos you're looking to keep. Backups also make it easy to access multiple files across multiple devices without having to worry about potentially insecure cloud services. Then there's the extra layer of protection that EaseUS offers in instances where the worst happens. Whether your phone bricks on you for conventional reasons or you're compromised by a cyber attack, you'll have everything you need to hit the ground running on your local machine. The whole process of putting together your data backup is simple. Once you've installed the EaseUs software on your device, its as simple as running a scan of your phone, tablet or SD card. It will automatically identify any call logs, photos, videos, data, contacts, WhatsApp, or SMS messages and list them neatly before you. The whole process takes only a matter of minutes, and you'll know exactly what can be recovered simply. If you tend to install and delete information at a rapid rate, you'll want to make use of their dense selection of filtering options. You can select a specific window of time and only view accessible files from that period, display only items that have been deleted, or display only photos or videos. Selecting the items you want to recover is as easy as clicking on check boxes and letting the software do its work. A preview option gives you a more detailed look on exactly what you're recovering. EaseUs syncs incredibly well with the platform's desktop apps as well. You can backup all of the data on your phone by simply connecting it to a desktop or laptop and running the EaseUs software on your computer. Together, the EaseUS package can serve as a seamless way to sync and secure your data across all of your devices.

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