Tenfold is a mobile game that is designed primarily to be played by iPhone users. The game is available on the app store. The tagline of the game is "twenty seven numbers, endless puzzles. The gameplay of tenfold is very similar to the popular pen and paper game Sudoku. The game presents you with a grid that is full of random numbers and the point of the game is to pair up all of the numbers. You have completed the game when you have a completely empty grid. The game is geared towards people that enjoy regular pen and paper games like Sudoku.

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Features of Tenfold
  • Tenfold features simple Sudoku-like gameplay designed to be played by a single player.
  • As a result, the game is a great way to kill time when you are alone and have nothing else to do in your spare time.
  • Tenfold does not target any specific audience with its gameplay, making it accessible to people of all sorts of ages.
  • Tenfold is easily downloaded from the app store and is compatible with the newest version of the iPhone as of 2018, making it accessible to all iPhone users.
Pros of Tenfold
  • Tenfold is based off of the popular game Sudoku, meaning that people who have already had experience playing Sudoku will likely be able to pick up and play the game very quickly and without much effort.
  • Tenfold is not targeted specifically towards any one audience, so anybody can enjoy playing it. The game can be played by young children, elderly people, and everyone in between.
  • Tenfold's gameplay is propelled by its own simplicity. Because it is so simple and easy to play, it can be easy to spend hours getting lost in it trying to best yourself.
Cons of Tenfold
  • The idea behind the game Tenfold is not necessarily unique. There are no spectacular features that it brings to the table. This negative aspect is countered by the simplicity of the gameplay.
  • Because the game does not have a special audience in mind, there may not be any features to the game that make it stand out or make it appealing to any particular audience or group.
  • If you do not like repetitive tasks, you may not enjoy Tenfold. While the gameplay is fun to some, it is certainly repetitive which may not be appealing to everyone.
Tenfold Reviews

Tenfold is great game for people who have spent their lives enjoying and trying to master the game Sudoku. Sudoku is an incredibly popular game, so Tenfold has a very wide audience that it can appeal to. However, the game is great for people who have even never played Sudoku. Anyone who enjoys single player games or apps can enjoy it, and anyone who enjoys numbers or puzzles will also like the app. The game is easy to play and not very difficult to figure out. As a result, it can be a good time for people of any age. There are not many limiting factors when it comes to the audience of Tenfold. In fact, the game has such a wide ranging appeal that people oftentimes find themselves unable to stop playing. There are few single player games available that are as fun and accessible as Tenfold.

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