is a mobile game that is available on many of the most common mobile platforms. If you've ever played Snake, the classic game in which a single player eats pellets to grow in size, this game will be quite familiar. However, it has been updated to include a larger playing area, multiplayer gaming, and power-ups. The game requires a decent internet connection in order to play since it operates in real time, and it can be quite addictive if you have the right connection.

Features of
  • Interactive Online Multiplayer Gaming
Pros of
  • Free
  • Extremely Fun and Addictive
Cons of
  • Occasional Lags
  • Fast Internet Required Reviews

The goal of is to create the largest snake in your specific arena. When you first start the game, you'll be placed in one of the ongoing arenas near the center of the space. Your snake is small to begin with, but you'll be able to grow in size by eating the glowing orbs of energy that emerge when another snake dies. The playing area is so large that what you see on your screen is just a small portion of what is available. While you are moving through the arena, the only thing that you can really control is the direction that your snake travels. You do so by placing your finger on the screen, and the snake will attempt to follow it. There is an option to temporarily boost your speed, but the boost comes at the cost of a portion of the length you have already accumulated. Longer snakes can therefore use the speed boost option for a longer amount of time without worrying about it severely affecting their standing. The main reason for the speed boost is to help with the competitive nature of the game. The only way to make your snake larger is to eat the orbs that are dropped by dead snakes, and the only way to kill a snake is to make it run into the body of another snake, including your own. Many players will use the speed boost to quickly encircle an opponent or simply cut them off so they crash unexpectedly. While larger snakes will typically target smaller snakes, some smaller snakes will target larger snakes for the payoff. When a snake dies, the length it has collected becomes the orbs that other snakes want to consume. Larger snakes will therefore drop significantly more orbs than smaller snakes, so they are a good way for a player to quickly reach a higher standing in the game. In general, the largest snake in each arena is usually large enough to wander the map creating huge circles with its body that ensnares numerous smaller snakes. As the larger snake makes the circle smaller and smaller, the inner snakes are killed and consumed. With this method, large snakes can maintain their lead with little effort. The newest versions of the game include a number of power-ups that make the gameplay even more intriguing. Some of these power-ups include a temporary shield and invisibility. There are also some items that produce negative effects, like the item that slows the pace of your snake significantly. Video

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