QuizUp gives you the opportunity to test your trivia skills against friends and strangers throughout the world.

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Features of QuizUp
  • Hundreds of quiz categories to choose from
  • A leveling system that rewards you with customization options for your profile
  • Regularly rotating tournaments that test you against the international community
Pros of QuizUp
  • Most quizzes are well populated, and the ability for the community to contribute their own questions further expands the content available
  • Nicely designed interface makes navigation simple
  • A huge number of options for interacting with friends, family, and strangers
Cons of QuizUp
  • The ranking system rewards you for questions answered rather than win/loss ratio, meaning the amount of games played is more important than actual knowledge of the categories
  • Many players have experienced frequent disconnections and error messages while playing
QuizUp Reviews

QuizUp is one of the premier trivia games for Android and iOS devices. Create an account or connect to your social media profiles and then challenge friends, family, and strangers to test their skills against you. QuizUp offers hundreds of categories carefully curated by the development team ranging from pop culture to politics to geography. While the library of categories is vast, QuizUp makes it easy to find the topics that interest you. Robust search functionality helps you narrow down your options, and a cleanly designed interface helps you browse categories in search of more specific options. While players can engage in single-player functions, community engagement is a critical aspect of the game. Whenever you choose a category, you have the options to either challenge people on your friends list or random strangers. Your friends are neatly displayed in a grid, and it's easy to identify who's online, simplifying the process of placing challenges. When testing your skills against friends, you have the option of playing head to head or asynchronously, so you can go ahead and go through a round of questions, and they can catch up at a time that's convenient for them. Success in QuizUp is about more than just answering questions correctly, it's also about answering questions quickly. You're given 20 seconds to answer each question, and the score for a correct answer is reduced for every second that passes. That forces players to think quickly on their feet. Each quiz consists of six questions and a bonus question that awards double points. This makes each quiz a speedy affair, encouraging players to fit in just one more game before putting the app down. Further encouraging play is the progression system. Each and every category comes with its own ranking, and the more you play, the higher your level rises. Unlocking new levels gives you more titles you can attach to your name, and you're also scored according to how many questions you answer right. Ranking ladders are available regionally, nationally, internationally, and among friends. The variety on offer for each category can vary wildly, but many offer hundreds or thousands of questions that are randomly pulled from the pool. Players can even create their own quizzes which then become available for any friends and strangers to play. One would be remiss to not mention QuizUp's design. Each category comes with its own icon, and they use a slick and unified design that makes use of bright colorful voxels to cleanly and handsomely portray the kind of content you can find inside. The buttons are large and the text clear and easy to read, while many of the questions come accompanied by helpful photographs and pictures. Push button notifications keep you up to date on the achievements of your friends and alert you when you've been presented with new challenges.

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