Blur is a software application available for both Google Chrome and your smartphone. It's developed by Abine, an online privacy company trusted by more than twenty million people. Blur is a comprehensive security application with several different security features. It has a minimal and intuitive interface, so that users can pick it up without any particular technological expertise. Also included are smart tools to make securing your data quicker and easier than ever. Blur organizes your accounts, helps you retain your anonymity, and gives you complete control over who has access to your private information. Blur allows you to secure your passwords by generating a strong and unique password for every one of your individual accounts. The passwords will sync across your devices and fill automatically when you want to log into your accounts. There's also an email masking feature. If you don't want to give a website your email address, you can give them a masked email instead. This makes it much easier to receive private emails and block spam. No more needing to create throwaway email accounts for all of those pesky email chains! The Masked Cards feature allows you to protect your credit cards. Instead of using your real credit card for purchases, you can create a burner credit card for all of your online purchases. All of the masked cards have a built-in limit, which means you don't need to worry about potential data breaches or hidden charges. Blur automatically syncs and backs up to all of your devices to allow you to access your accounts anywhere. It also automatically blocks all third party tracking scripts and other tracking technology. The auto-fill feature allows you to fill out online forms with one click; you can populate auto-fill forms with passwords, emails, addresses, credit cards, and other sensitive information. Blur makes its money through Premium subscriptions rather than through selling its data to third parties. This is another way you can be sure of the level of security and privacy you retain. The free version of Blur includes masked emails, tracker blocking, auto-fill capabilities, and encrypted passwords. The Premium version includes all of the free version's features, and additionally has the Masked Cards feature, a Masked Phone feature, and the synchronization and backup capabilities. Premium subscriptions cost three dollars per month.

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Features of Blur
  • Strong password generation
  • Password auto-fill across devices
  • Email masking to reduce spam
  • Credit card masking to protect card information
  • Secure syncing across devices
  • Data backup across devices
  • Automatic blocking of hidden trackers and other secret data collection technology
  • Easy auto-fill population capability
Pros of Blur
  • Protection of your personal and financial data
  • Easy auto-fill forms to save time online
  • Ability to mask your email and pare down invasive spam
  • Strong password security without sacrificing convenience
  • Quick and minimalist interface with intuitive smart tools
  • Overall security rated with a percentage number
Cons of Blur
  • Premium subscription is required for access to every
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