Aerospike is a high-performing NoSQL database supporting high transaction volumes with low latency.

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Features of Aerospike
  • Predictable high performance: By leveraging Aerospike's client, cluster, server and storage components, you can reliably process millions of transactions per server per second, providing your customers with the responsiveness they demand.
  • High availability and uptime: Aerospike's clustering and cluster-aware client give you the ability to avoid outages due to hardware failure or network connectivity issues.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): With servers able to handle millions of transactions per second, you may be able to reduce the number of physical servers required to deliver the required performance.
  • Through adding and removing resources as demand rises and falls, you can maintain the desired performance while managing the cost of your environment.
Pros of Aerospike
  • Designed from the client to the storage for performance, Aerospike can handle millions of transactions per server per second.
  • Aerospike provides predictable performance, with high reliability and uptime.
  • Aerospike customers can add and remove resources in production to provide the desired level of performance at the optimal cost.
  • It's easy to get started with Aerospike. You can download the server and start running it for free.
Cons of Aerospike
  • While it is easy to get started for free, with the only cost being the cost of your hardware and your precious time, the out-of-pocket cost increases dramatically when you want to add enterprise features, such as Cross Datacenter Replication (XDR), Fast Restart, Rapid Rebalance and Security.
  • To really see the stated performance results, you need to integrate the Aerospike client components into your applications. This may involve significant time and cost for application redesign, development, testing and deployment.
  • Your developers will need training to fully leverage the client APIs and the underlying architecture.
Aerospike Reviews

Businesses requiring millions of transactions per second with sub-second latency needed a database that could reliably meet those demands while providing resiliency in case of outages and failures. Aerospike delivers performance through the use of its hybrid memory architecture and resiliency through its "shared nothing" design, which provides replication and data synchronization across data centers. From the client to the cluster, the server and, ultimately, to the storage subsystems, the entire architecture stack has been optimized for performance. For storage, Aerospike utilizes DRAM and Flash to provide blazingly fast in-memory performance at the price of Solid State Disk (SSD). The server layer provides redundancy and resiliency while providing high performance through index and query optimization. The Aerospike clustering layer uses a randomization approach to distributing transactions to the various servers, making it less likely that any server becomes overloaded. The client is cluster-aware, tracking cluster status in real-time, and is able to respond to cluster reconfiguration changes in real-time. The clients also detect transaction failures, automatically re-routing requests to alternate servers when failures occur.

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