Yoink is a website that makes it easier to drag and drop images and text from one screen to another. It's a straightforward site with help along the way if you aren't sure about dragging and how to place your content.

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Features of Yoink
  • Features
  • Category
  • Add images from clipboard
  • Organizes desktop
  • Finds images that are of interest
  • Move multiple images at one time
Pros of Yoink
  • Ideal for working with several pieces of information
  • Share screenshots
  • Add images at any time
  • Corner image allows for easy dropping
Cons of Yoink
  • Few, if any, editing
Yoink Reviews

This is an easy site to get accustomed to once you figure out how to drag content and place it on the page that you want. There is a finder feature that allows you to look for the content that you want online so that you aren't searching through random pieces of information that might not be relevant to what you want. Yoink almost always sits on your home screen. However, it's in a little corner of the world so that it doesn't really interfere with what you're doing unless you pay attention to that corner. This is actually beneficial because you can drag and drop what you're looking at online that is of interest to you by simply pulling it to the corner. There is a video about the website and the features that are offered. You really don't need to watch the video as long as you know how to move your mouse around on your screen. The options that you have with the files that you create are broad. You can put them on a website or add them to other collections that are shared. You can also add details from your clipboard to the files that you make with the site. This is a website that you probably didn't know about but that you'll be glad that you came across. It's much easier gathering all of the small bits of information together that you enjoy learning about or that you want to keep for later in one place instead of monitoring and saving several files on your device.

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