Assertible software provides you with a simple and quick way to monitor your web services. It comes with automated QA tools that users can utilize to test and monitor their web services on different platforms and environments.

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Features of Assertible
  • It allows you to run application test in different environments: The platform allows users to run API tests for different environments including production and staging.
  • You can validate your application after deployments: The application allows users to initiate post-deployment tests automatically on staging or production.
  • Creation of assertion based on critical endpoints: Users are able to use the platform’s powerful HTTP assertions to develop unique and domain-specific tests.
Pros of Assertible
  • The software provides a unique platform that can be used by any business to improve its web services. Some of the benefits that come with using the platform include
  • It allows automation of QA: If you have issues with bugs in your web applications, the quality of web services to your customers will reduce. Using Assertible software will help you reduce web bugs in your applications by allowing you to develop an automated QA system. This allows easy detection of system failures.
  • It provides you with an easy way of creating powerful tests: Improving your web services will require you to create powerful tests. The software allows users to get a higher level of insights on the health of their website services, problems with the system, and falling assertions.
  • It allows users to test their deployments and environments: The software provides a platform where users are able to track their web service deployments. This facilitates the automatic running of similar tests in the staging and production environments.
  • It facilitates a quick detection of problems in API: With the software, you will be able to detect the issues within your API quickly. It allows for periodical monitoring and testing of your web services and provides alerts for detected failures.
Cons of Assertible
  • Although Assertible software comes with various benefits for users, it also comes with different limitations. Some of the limitations of this platform are
  • The platform might not be convenient if you like viewing a detailed quality report of your web services.
Assertible Reviews

The platform provides a reliable and quick way through which users can monitor their web services. Businesses using the platform are able to detect web failures quickly and incorporate intervention measures to rectify the mistakes. Assertible has the capacity to generate simple yet powerful assertions that monitor and test the quality of your APIs and websites. As a user, you will be able to lower the number of false positives generated by the automated QA test on your website. This is important in building confidence in your website services and keeping your APIs healthy. Moreover, the software can be integrated easily into already existing tools and allow you to run certain programs. The platform enables users to run their web app tests if they push code through GitHub or relay software failure alerts to Slack when they happen. With Assertible platform, users are able to develop a reliable web application monitoring system. This allows for smooth workflow and provides you with the desired control on web application tests and system failure alerts.

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