Atlassian Stash

Atlassian Stash

Atlassian's Bitbucket Server software, previously called Stash, is a Git-handling software for professional teams. Git is an open source version control system optimized to handle multiple different projects efficiently. It's built to create building blocks of project code while also preserving earlier iterations of a project. Bitbucket creates a system for navigating and building with Git. Bitbucket Server adds to Bitbucket's established structure by adding team interaction features. Bitbucket allows for pull requests and code reviews, which allows better team collaboration and communication. It's a good way to ensure high quality code when collaborating with a group of people - if something seems off, it's easy to mark it for review. Bitbucket's branch permissions feature allows you to delegate permissions to certain members of the team, so that the correct team members are working on the correct changes to their assigned pieces of code. The software also has a code aware search feature, which allows you to search your code using semantics and definitions ranked first. Also included with the software are a host of flexible deployment options that can be used across several platforms - the cloud, the server, and the data center. Git repository hosting, branch permissions, 3rd party integrations, and general projects are all flexible deployment options that span the three platforms. Bitbucket can integrate with other Atlassian software and programs for a smoother operating experience. By connecting pull requests and commits to Jira Software, you'll work more efficiently. By using Stride's instant notifications, you can stay up to date on project progress. You can monitor Bamboo builds using Bitbucket, which gives you leeway to detect problems before they can arise. And Trello's communication software makes for easier organizing, prioritizing, and team collaboration. Bitbucket Server has all of the features of Bitbucket, but it also has an added focus on streamlined integration of the development process. You can use previously mentioned Atlassian tools to increase Bitbucket's functions without ever needing to physically switch interfaces. There's an added focus on security and scalable projects. The Bitbucket Data Center adds another level to the scalable focus by adding features including active-active clustering, smart mirroring during fast clone times, and business disaster recovery.

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Features of Atlassian Stash
  • Flexible streamlining and organization
  • Integration with other Atlassian tools for a more comprehensive work experience
  • High quality security including permissions control and individual coding access
  • Scalability to grow and shrink a project based on changing needs
  • Pull requests to facilitate code reviews
  • Branch permissions to assign correct team members to correct sections of code
Pros of Atlassian Stash
  • Multiple tutorials and resources on how to structure and utilize Git
  • Ability to delegate coding tasks while maintaining the integrity of a project
  • Tool integration lets you expand Bitbucket's capabilities without exiting Bitbucket
  • Flexible deployment options span cloud, server, and data center platforms
  • Increased security gives fine control over employee permissions and deadlines
  • Scalable interface allows projects to grow and shrink with you
Cons of Atlassian Stash
  • For optimal quality results, other Atlassian software must be used in conjunction with Bitbucket; it doesn't do everything by itself
  • Not all flexible deployment options are available across all three comprehensive platforms
  • Requires intimate previous knowledge of Git and source control systems
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