Hund is a website that allows a business to create its own status pages. It lets a business monitor their status and keep customers informed on status changes.

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Features of Hund
  • Hosted status pages
  • Provides-real time information about service delays, maintenance issues, and more
  • Audience notifications via email, SMS, and social media platforms
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited issues
Pros of Hund
  • Free 30-day trial
  • No need for a business to host their own status pages
  • Easy updating
  • Interface is easy to navigate
Cons of Hund
  • Pricing scheme is confusing
  • Some experience needed to create pages
Hund Reviews

Service statuses are important for businesses who want to maintain good communication with their customers. Letting an audience know when issues are expected to be resolved is a good business practice. Hund lets service providers create a hosted status page that can be accessed from any browser. The page can be edited to provide the latest information about service outages, scheduled maintenance, and more. Audiences can be notified in many different ways. The website informs audiences when a business website is expected to encounter downtime. The pages that are created can be updated automatically or manually when the need arises. It is also possible to customize issues so that web visitors are able to get a clear picture of the issues that are being encountered. Status pages hosted by Hund also allow businesses the ability to notify audiences on a wide range of platforms. It is possible to create notifications with SMS, email, or an Atom feed. The pages also integrate with Twitter, Slack, Webhook, and other platforms. Subscribers to notification lists can be modified at the user's discretion. The free trial requires no credit card and lasts for 30 days. Beyond that, things get a little complicated. Hund charges based on components. A component is defined as a field that is displayed on the status page. Users must pay according to the number of components they expect to use on their pages. Components include APIs, payment processors, and physical locations. The base charge is $29 per month for 20 components. There are also optional upgrades which can raise the price of the platform. Large businesses with a substantial audience will find that using Hund is a more efficient alternative than trying to set up status pages on a website. The process takes just a few clicks, and the page can be managed in a matter of minutes once it is deployed.

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