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Dada Mail

An important part of any thriving business in today's world is sending their customers information through email. Whether it be about upcoming sales or informing them of orders or just letting them know that their business is appreciated, mail is a central part of the business-customer relationship. Dada Mail offers to business a mail client that allows customers to subscribe to a mailing list as well as allowing the business to send a mass emails to specific mailing lists. With its own business that has stretched over 14 years, Dada Mail provides businesses the change to send necessary emails to its customers without requiring a third-party email service. Their software lets customers join right on the business's site and self-host the mail system. With a partnership with Amazon SES, Dada Mail can also help with clients who have a large number of mail subscribers without charging them a fortune.

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Features of Dada Mail
  • Appearance: You can edit and customize your mailing list's layout as well as base it on an existing webpage.
  • Plug-Ins and Extensions: You can utilize a variety of plug-ins to take your use of the software to its maximum.
  • Some of which include tracking, which enables you to analyze mass mailing data as well as export it.
  • You can also make the option of multiple subscriptions available for your customers.
  • Monitor Mass Mailing: This allows you to view the percentage completed of mail sent, as well as the speed it's being sent, and how many mass mailings you wish to send out at once.
  • Email Analytics: You can view how many clickthroughs, bounces (both soft and hard), sending errors, and others through your mass mailing.
Pros of Dada Mail
  • Affordable
  • Plenty of Features
  • Free Account for Smaller Businesses
  • Long History of Successful Service
Cons of Dada Mail
  • No Support for Free Account
  • Landing Page for Website is Too Packed
Dada Mail Reviews

Although the site bombards with a ton of information that their service provides, there's a reason this software has been around for 14 years. Their system works and works well. The installation of the software is easy and relatively quick, and they also provide installation services for those who browsers don't typically support the Dada Mail software. There are a ton of features that Dada Mail offers to their clients, which will be touched on later, but the sheer amount is enough to cover any emailing need for a thriving business. They also provide three plans. One is free, which is always excellent for smaller businesses or clients who don't need to utilize their full features. The free plan doesn't come with support, however. There's also an annual plan for $49.95 which does give you support as well as unlimited mailing lists and subscribers. The final plan is a one-time purchase at $99.95 which gives all the same features as the $49.95 plan. For those looking to stick with a mail client that caters to most, if not all, of their needs, then the lifetime plan is the most advisable. Since the customization of the actual mail client is up to you, its simplicity and efficiency are entirely in your hands. The software does what it claims to do, and its full benefits are left to you to utilize.

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