DNS Made Easy

DNS Made Easy

DNS Made Easy gives you more control over your web hosting by providing a broad selection of tools for overseeing DNS management.

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Features of DNS Made Easy
  • Robust analytics dashboard
  • DDoS protection to all users
  • E-mail hosting services
Pros of DNS Made Easy
  • Far more administrative options than much of the competition
  • Numerous add-ons available for each plan
Cons of DNS Made Easy
  • Only three service plans are available, with vast price discrepancies, creating problems for business owners who might fall in the gap between these plans
  • Phone support is overpriced
DNS Made Easy Reviews

Tiggee has made a name for themselves as one of the premier providers of enterprise level solutions. Through their combination of innovative and cutting edge software and their friendly and experienced service team, they've established themselves as one of the most reliable partners around. DNS Made Easy serves as one of their flagship services, putting control over the DNS to their users, and allowing business owners to more effectively communicate with their clients and steer their businesses towards the future. Like Amazon Web Services and neustar, DNS Made Easy serves as a host and provider for domain name servers. They essentially serve as the landlord for your company's online presence, overseeing the structural integrity of your system's architecture. Like much of the competition, DNS Made Easy provides service level agreements to all of their clients and provides both dynamic DNS and protection against distributed denial of service attacks. But all DNS providers aren't the same, and DNS proves itself a cut above with its in depth analytics options, a suite of features that most of the competition doesn't provide. While DNS Made Easy might not be the most well known name in the business, this option alone makes them an ideal choice for enterprises that want more hands on control over the nuts and bolts of their DNS. With analytics, you won't have to rely on an expensive and remote SaaS platform to track the performance of your websites. With the proper login information, you can access your analytics dashboard from anywhere. These include a host of features that can help you put a stop to DDoS attacks before they become a problem and more efficiently handle traffic on your server. Clean and delineated graphs allow you to track the queries to each of your domains, and identify spikes and valleys over the course of given days, weeks, or months. These can be further broken down to track over the course of your billing cycle. These can further be expanded into stacked charts that identify each domain by a number and give you a more informative view of how your domains stack up to each other in terms of web traffic. If you're looking to dig even deeper, you can analyze where your queries are coming from and in what frequency using both interactive maps and charts. In addition, DNS Made Easy offers most of the standards you can expect from a DNS provider as well as some additional bells and whistles. Their email services are effective and workmanlike, and every plan offers full IPv6 compatibility. The features offered in the web app are further supplemented by a proprietary app that runs on both iOS and Android devices, so you can access the information you need wherever you happen to be. DNS Made Easy provides plans scaled to small businesses, average size businesses, and corporations.

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