Nextopia is an e-commerce site that helps both small and established business to market their merchandise by increasing sales and boosting conversions.

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Features of Nextopia
  • Enhanced Autocomplete
  • Nextopia will help you to improve sales by matching the products you are searching for with every keystroke you make.
  • Enhanced autocomplete effortlessly ranks the products you are looking for with the best performing one being at the top.
  • Page Builder
  • Nextopia’s page builder feature helps you to increase conversions by optimizing landing pages for your pay per click (PPC) campaigns on other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google.
  • Product Finder
  • Product Finder feature helps you to land on the exact product that you are looking for online.
  • This customization has been tailored to help you get a more personalized shopping experience; hence you are more likely to make a conversion
Pros of Nextopia
  • Nextopia integrates perfectly with most sites such as Google and Yahoo.
  • Nextopia’s great tools of synonyms and product promotions help in ensuring that your products are at the top of results when consumers search for an item that you are selling.
  • Geo merchandising helps you to market your campaigns more efficiently since consumers can quickly locate your business premises.
  • Nextopia is very useful in helping you acquire new customers.
Cons of Nextopia
  • Delay in updating the prices of items can cause confusion between you and your customers.
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