BroadSign is a tool that lets you spread your company's message across the city and across the world through the use of robust and dynamic digital marketing.

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Features of BroadSign
  • Client portal provides training and insight
  • Real time inventory tracking and optimization
  • Ability to customize content for specific locations
Pros of BroadSign
  • Scalable to practically any sized digital signage agency
  • Comprehensive coverage of every aspect of the digital signage economy
  • Targeted advertising helps you find the right clients for you
Cons of BroadSign
  • Making full use of Broadsign functions means subscribing to all four pillars
  • Price scales up with the amount of signage tracked, so it can become expensive for larger companies
BroadSign Reviews

While the evolution of the internet has greatly improved the reach marketing and advertising teams have in the homes and offices of their prospective customers, that's only a portion of the market available. Identifying the demographics and metrics of your audience is great if you already know who to target, but many of the shopping decisions made by customers happen in the public space. BroadSign puts the power of digital out of home outreach into your hands and helps you find businesses in need of your digital signage. Four major components make up the BroadSign suite, and they work in tandem together to provide you with a comprehensive marketing package. BroadSign's focus is exclusively on digital signage. Broadsign Control serves as the hub for expanding and overseeing your digital signage network. Whether you're managing screens at a half dozen or several thousand locations, you'll have the power to control them effectively no matter where you are. The software is eminently scalable and limited only by the demands and needs of the user. Robust automation functions mean you can alter the information being displayed on your screens according to a range of metrics. Location, time of day, and and message importance are just a few of the factors you can take into consideration, and custom priorities create a system that will run all by itself. Broadsign Control also offers automated proof of play reports so you can see how your specific marketing campaigns are functioning and adjust the variables as needed. Of course the information you need to display will vary according to who you're trying to reach, and Broadsign Creator offers a tool kit that allows for beautiful and responsive designs that are accommodating to a variety of different business models. Whether you're looking to communicate with and encourage employees, display seasonal menus at local restaurants, or promote your product with lobby videos, you'll have a range of options at your disposal. Broadsign recognizes the value of branding, and that's why they offer template options that make sure you maintain a consistent message and interface regardless of the diversity of the messages you're looking to convey. If you're looking to sell your proficiency with advertising to your clients, you need to be able to respond to the changes in their business, and that's where Broadsign Direct comes in. As the hub of communications with you and your clients, it automates the process of sales. Complex pre-set messaging and packages can be created so you can provide quotes nearly instantaneously, and the 360 degree view of your screens means that you'll always know where ad space is available. Wasted screens are wasted money, and Direct makes sure you always know where new prospects lie. Broadsign Reach is the supply-side platform of the Broadsign Reach experience. It lets your track bids from prospective clients, prioritize the most promising customers according to a range of metrics, and display comprehensive proof of play reports.

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