RetailCore is a piece of software designed to function as a point of sale system for service businesses, wholesale, retail, and stock management. The software is so intuitive that someone with little or no experience could pick it up in no time, and it offers support for SMS/email billing, GST invoicing, digital payments, purchase management, customer loyalty management, inventory management, expense management, general accounting, and GST reports.

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Features of RetailCore
  • Point of Sale
  • GST Billing
Pros of RetailCore
  • Wholesale and Retail Compatible
  • Intuitive Usage
Cons of RetailCore
  • Lacks Mobile App
RetailCore Reviews

There aren't many POS systems that are as well-liked or versatile as RetailCore. The suite is designed for maximum ease of use, so everything is exceptionally straightforward and well-labeled. Its wide range of features put it in line with every other top tier POS software, and it has what growing businesses need to optimize and streamline their growth. The software is capable of breaking down a self-generated GST invoice using basic Composite GST, UTGST, SGST, IGST, or CGST. Thankfully, you don't have to know what any of that means, because the software handles all of it with accuracy and precision. The software generally is connected to the internet, but it can function if the web goes down. If you operate a business in either the wholesale or retail markets, RetailCore would be an excellent option for your billing software and POS system. It has integrated barcode scanning functionality, and you can add as many SKUs to your inventory of products as you would like. This makes it ideal for grocery stores, clothing outlets, superstores, and midsize convenience stores like Dollar General. In some cases, the software is simply used as a stock management system for an internal need in a non-retail or wholesale industry. It doesn't matter what sort of work you do, RetailCore has the tools you need to properly and professionally send invoices for your performance. This applies to everyone from videographers to contractors to electricians, so don't feel as if your business is too small to take advantage of the powerful elements found in the RetailCore suite. If your business has more than one location, information can be shared between them all through a single database of inventory. You can use the software to manage as many barcodes, suppliers, products, and customers as you need to support your growing business. If your products don't have barcodes, or your various products don't all use compatible codes, you can add your own with the software. It generates randomized barcodes and offers you the ability to print them directly from the POS if a printer is available. When you create a product barcode, it creates an entry in the database of products, and you can alter various fields of the product to reflect the name, price, or appearance of the product. When using the billing screen, products will be displayed by thumbnail image if there is one associated with the product. This makes it easier and faster to select products, which streamlines the overall workflow at the POS. If you have multiple departments that require different rules for taxes and service, like a restaurant with a bar, the software can handle both departments simultaneously and on single tickets.

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