OpenXava is a software utilizing AJAX Java Framework. It is designed to be used with the rapid development of different enterprise web applications. OpenXava simplifies the application development process by allowing you to get an application production-ready by only writing domain classes in Java. OpenXava has a focus on high productivity. You only need to write the code that supports your data structure and your business logic. This means that you don't need to use programming languages like JavaScript, SQL, HTML, or CSS. OpenXava automatically provides database logic and user interfaces. There's also a short learning curve for the use of OpenXava. Because you don't need to learn complicated scripts, all you need to know is how to write simplified Java classes. There's an OpenXava bundle created for a rapid startup. From there, all you need to learn is how to navigate the interface itself. The applications you create are fully featured. There's an AJAX based user interface that requires no page reloading. You can use list mode for your application, which has paging, filtering, ordering, column addition and removal, Excel exporting, PDF reports, charts, cards format, and other features. Detail mode is another option and includes frames, editors, tabs, dialogues, responsive layout features, and more. It all depends on where you need to focus your design. In addition to the original web interface, there's also a mobile user interface that you can use. You can sync this to the web interface to work on the same code from anywhere that you have phone access. OpenXava is a multi-platform software. It supports web browsers including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. It also supports any database that is supported by Hibernate. The software will run on any operating system with Java 6 or higher support. This includes Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, and others. Any application servers with support for Servlets 2.5 or higher will be supported. And any enterprise portals with JSR-286 or JSR-168 support will be supported. OpenXava is open source and its LGPL license will let you develop commercial applications completely for free. The software comes in thirteen different languages, and it's easy to add new languages to the software. There have been more than 200,000 downloads, and the online forums have more than a thousand threads, so it's easy to find online support. There's also a complete reference guide available. The third party tools MinuteProject and Mogwai ERDesigner are supported.

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Features of OpenXava
  • High productivity
  • Short learning curve
  • Full-featured applications
  • Mobile user interface
  • Multi-platform support
  • Open source and free to use
  • Thirteen different languages
  • Complete Reference Guide to further mitigate the learning curve
Pros of OpenXava
  • Ability to develop applications without programming expertise
  • Comprehensive online support
  • Easy-to-use interface with several different design modes
  • Support for third party tools and projects
  • Completely open source and free to use
Cons of OpenXava
  • Requires knowledge of Java coding language
  • Doesn't provide testing of applications
  • Complete Reference Guide isn't available in all thirteen languages the program comes in
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