Democracy Direct

Democracy Direct

The customer relationship management functions offered by Democracy Direct are specifically targeted at the unique needs of political operators, helping them better reach their existing and potential constituents and build lasting connections.

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Features of Democracy Direct
  • Create detailed maps of your targeted demographics
  • Sort raw data into meaningful profiles
  • Create segments that allow you to better target the electorate
Pros of Democracy Direct
  • Targeted specifically for the demands of PACs and political campaigns
  • Supported by compliance software that makes sure your campaign stays within the boundaries of the law
Cons of Democracy Direct
  • The laser focus on campaign targeting means it has limited usage outside of politics
Democracy Direct Reviews

Customer relationship management software has become a hot commodity in the business world, allowing business owners to collate and analyze the information on their customers and use the data gathered to more effectively target them for marketing campaigns. Running a political campaign is no less complicated than running a marketing campaign for a business, but there are some fundamental distinctions that make traditional CRM software not necessarily suited to the unique needs of PAC and campaign operatives. Democracy Direct has been built from the ground up to take the fundamental principles of CRM software and cater it to the demands of political campaigns. Whether you're managing a campaign for a city council position or a national Senate seat, you'll have the means to better reach your electorate and scale to the demands of your campaign model. A well built CRM model isn't about creating data. It's helping you discover, parse, and analyze the information that's already there. That's exactly what Democracy Direct sets out to do. The software runs directly through your browser using an encrypted account, and it provides a variety of tools that help you better understand the demographics of your target audience and determine the best methodology for outreach. Democracy Direct will take the raw data from your spreadsheets and transform them into handy and meaningful cards that provide all the information from each potential lead. That allows you to quickly create meaningful dialogue to everyone you're trying to reach out to. And while personal connections with constituents are a critical component in any successful campaign, success is predicated on an understanding of the bigger picture. That's why Democracy Direct provides in depth segmentation. You can break down your relationships according to a variety of different metrics and use that information to create targeted campaigns that focus on the issues that matter to each individual. You can further track how your constituents engage with your marketing outreach to better determine which marketing methods are successful and further identify strengths and weaknesses according to demographics. Mapping software puts these segments into further geographic perspective and helps you target the most critical and underserved communities in the most important districts or neighborhoods. Understanding the data of your constituents is only one part of the business model, and one of the strengths of Democracy Direct is that it integrates effectively with the range of other tools available through DDC. These include web content creation targeted specifically towards political groups, using easy to use software that makes the process of creating targeted landing pages and outreach programs simple. They also offer a robust mobile app version of their Democracy Direct software, meaning that you can access all the information you need even while canvassing neighborhoods or out on the campaign trail.

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