WhatRunsWhere is a software and service that provides clients with valuable information for creating and maintaining modern advertising campaigns. Notable customers include Scotiabank, Phunware, Tangerine Forward Banking, GoodGame Studios, Fetch, MoneyGram, CheapFlights.

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Features of WhatRunsWhere
  • Develop impressive advertising campaigns with the help of leading industry standards and marketing advice
  • Available in Canada, the United States, France, Germany, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Australia.
  • Mobile device support and advertising advice for Full Coverage subscribers
Pros of WhatRunsWhere
  • Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime
  • A demo can be scheduled to see the functionality of the software
  • Refunds can be obtained within three days of payment
Cons of WhatRunsWhere
  • There doesn't appear to be a free trial, due to the nature of the service
  • Lack of support for languages outside of German, French, Portuguese and English
WhatRunsWhere Reviews

Anyone with enough time can make an ad for online display. However, there's a very big difference between a worthless ad that will flop and an attention-grabbing, professional looking ad that will turn a profit and land new customers. People go to college to learn about things like this, but what if a business doesn't have the time or resources to hire a marketing staff? Enter WhatRunsWhere, a comprehensive marketing training and resources program that costs a lot less than a new hire. The most basic plan is $299 per month, the next step up (Full Coverage plan) costs $399 per month, and a supreme Enterprise package is available by quote only. The basic plan includes access to all advertising techniques, networks, sites and categories; the ability to find the current best ads using a keyword search; affiliate campaign identification; search filtering by data range, country, etc.; the ability to compare different advertisers; and functionality that allows exporting of data. The Full Coverage plan includes all that and also mobile device functionality and the ability to discover which device ads would work best for a given service. The Enterprise package has premium customer support and unlimited users for an account.

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