Enplug helps you make the most of the digital screens in your business by turning them into intuitive and customizable billboards.

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Features of Enplug
  • Ability to display homemade or online content
  • Subscription price scaled to the number of devices you use
  • Robust scheduling and calendar options
Pros of Enplug
  • Compatible with most modern HD screens
  • Full granular control of your company's advertising
  • Crisp and slick UI makes it easy to upload materials
Cons of Enplug
  • Geckoboard and DSMenus.com functions require a paid subscription
  • Devices sometimes need to be reset to continue working
  • Unable to run background music while scrolling through displays
Enplug Reviews

If you're a business owner trying to make the most of your real estate, Enplug provides a creative and unique method for increasing customer engagement. Their professional software lets you create polished and attractive visualizations to display on a diverse selection of video outputs. You can turn your screens into adaptable and shifting electronic billboards, displaying information catered to the interests of your clientele. Your billboards can be scaled easily to portrait TVs, landscape TVs, and multiple TV layouts as well as jumbotrons and projectors. You can even create offline displays that continue to display even if the internet goes down at your location. Enplug is designed to adapt to the specific needs of a variety of businesses, and you can create multiple templates to target varying clients at different times of the day. Create a feed of your company's social media content, and display it across your screens. You have full control of what goes into your feed and how it's presented to your customers. Or pull from other online sources to present your company in a better light. Enplug integrates directly with YouTube, TripAdvisor, and Yelp, so you can create a rotating stream of videos or reviews, updated in real time. If your goal is to entertain, you can create a customized RSS feed that draws from the news sources you choose. If you're looking to curate your own content, there are plenty of options at your disposal. Restaurants and bars can use their displays in lieu of traditional menus as a great way to draw in passing pedestrians. Menus are handled in partnership with DSMenu.com and provide users with access to hundreds of stock photos and a wide selection of templates. You can easily update your menu on the fly to adjust to your changing needs. Or you can upload your own images, videos, or Powerpoint presentations if you want more control over what your viewers see. Full HTML functionality allows creative owners and marketing teams to create more complicated displays for their clientele. Enplug can also be used to more effectively communicate with your employees. With their software, you can turn TV monitors or computer screens into powerful informational tools. Simple signs allow you to convey basic information without the need for direct communication, and integration with Google calendars can make sure everyone on your team is on the same page about the office's objectives. Geckoboard allows you to connect your external displays directly with data from ZenDesk, SalesForce, and other external programs. Creating and implementing a display is easy. The Enplug web dashboard lets you upload materials, fine tune your feeds, and even set automatic scheduling for what's displayed and when. Whether you're overseeing a single storefront of multiple locations around the world, you'll have full control over what your employees or customers see.

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