Bonjoro was created to allow business owners to send personalized welcome videos to their customers with ease. This is a way to enhance the customer on boarding process, resulting in an estimated four fold increase in response rate when compared to traditional email alone.

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Features of Bonjoro
  • You can record and send videos of a personalized nature to new customers, clients, or other users.
  • The program seamlessly connects to a CRM system, enabling it to send automated messages to any of your contacts.
  • There is a video player that is customized, along with various call to action buttons.
  • Each video message will generate a detailed analytic report.
  • The program has an accompanying app currently available on Android and iOS mobile devices.
Pros of Bonjoro
  • There is a free version of the program that offers unlimited videos to be made every month, along with a single call to action.
  • All plans come with a free trial period of 14 days.
  • Custom branding and CRM integration is possible.
  • Special discounts are often offered to start-up small businesses and those promoting a social cause.
Cons of Bonjoro
  • Promotional logos for Bonjoro are included with all videos created, and it is currently not possible to have those removed.
  • There is a monthly fee involved for users that want to make use of most of the advanced features offered by Bonjoro.
  • The technology is still rather simple, so there are not many special effects that can be added to each video. This might seem rather limiting to some users.
Bonjoro Reviews

Review With Bonjoro, users are now able to send a personalized video to any person that signs up online for their service. This could be a newsletter, application, or a subscription of one sort or another. The program is designed to give small to medium sized business owners, many of whom operate almost entirely online today, the opportunity to interact with the customers in a more intimate manner than would ordinarily be possible. You will be able to address a new customer by his or her name, introducing them to the product or service that they have just signed up for. As soon as a new customer links to your product or service, users are notified by Bonjoro. This type of integration then allows the owner to go in and personalize a video to send to that customer. It is possible to record such a video on this program with just a few simple clicks. In fact, it is meant to be as simple as sending a text message. You can then send the video via the Internet by using the Webcam on your computer, or you can use the recommended method of your smartphone. It does not get any easier than that. The programs works by sending the completed video on to the new customer. They will receive a link to watch the video right from their own email program. If you want, you are able to further customize Bonjoro by adding in your own company logo and a call to action. This is a way of staying visible in front of your clients so they will remember to contact you with they are next in need of your products or services.

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