IBM BigFix

IBM BigFix

IBM BigFix, formerly known as IBM Endpoint Manager and Tivoli Endpoint Manager, serves a two-fold purpose: Cyber security and endpoint management of large computer networks. It's designed to help companies cut costs and enforce security compliance to prevent debilitating cyber attacks, or hacking. IBM, which stands for International Business Machines, first emerged in 1911 as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company and grew to be one of the leading computer manufacturers in the world. They have a knack for constantly shifting their business model to meet the ever-changing technological market, and so far, they have done so rather successfully. Their BigFix software is an example of a shift away from manufacturing and into support and software development. BigFix, Inc., was an independent software company that IBM purchased in 2010.

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Features of IBM BigFix
  • Real-time cyber security and endpoint management for networks
  • Ability to deploy software updates and operating systems remotely
  • Connectivity of a wide variety of devices, including mobile and point-of-sale machines
Pros of IBM BigFix
  • Streamlined management of all network devices from a single location
  • Backed by an old and respected computer company
  • Well-documented for ease of tech support
Cons of IBM BigFix
  • Might not be cost effective for micro businesses
IBM BigFix Reviews

IBM BigFix is loaded with features designed around a single purpose: Protection. Network administrations can use BigFix for software distribution, deployment of operating systems, remote control, patch management, inventory functionality and a lot more. It's designed for managing the ever-growing list of different machines that can exist on a business network, including desktops, servers, roaming laptops and even point-of-sale devices like ATMs and cash registers. BigFix wants all of these to be deeply integrated and uniform in their deployment of cyber security features. It does so by enforcing certain network rules, like forcing all client, server and relay information through a single network port. The software also allows real-time visibility of all network assets from a single management console, giving tons of power to an administrator to make sure things are running smoothly. BigFix supports the major operating systems, Microsoft, Linux, Macintosh and UNIX. BigFix also includes management of virtual machines and allows the deployment of a web-based status module so authorized users can check in at any time.

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