Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud is the first product by Salesforce built specifically for the healthcare industry. It gives caregivers the ability to keep better track of interactions with patients. You can easily browse all the tasks and see all the communications with your patients from a single interface. The software helps you set up priorities. So you always have a clear view of what needs your immediate attention.

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Features of Salesforce Health Cloud
  • Features
  • Patient health timeline and patient card
  • Care team productivity management tools
  • Appointment scheduling and confirmation
  • Health records, lab results, and prescription renewal
  • Secure messaging with caregivers and patients
  • Live video chat (SOS)
  • Bill payments, reports and analytics
Pros of Salesforce Health Cloud
  • Provides high-caliber CRM experience
  • Healthcare facilities can concentrate more on patient care
  • Adoption process is painless for new customers
  • Comprehensive support and training packages available
Cons of Salesforce Health Cloud
  • Expensive for small facilities
  • Multiple limits on usage of various
Salesforce Health Cloud Reviews

As a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) expert, Salesforce has brought its years of experience to Health Cloud. The software interface presents the medical records clearly with the necessary contextual data. You can record medications, conditions and communication preferences of your patients. It helps you provide more accurate and customized service to individuals. A collaborative timeline gives you a bird’s eye view of the patient's overall history, clinical and engagement events. You can integrate wearable devices like smartwatches and heart monitors with Salesforce Health Cloud. So you can track information, like glucose level, heart condition or sleep data, about your patients in real-time. Salesforce Health Cloud also helps you with communication. You can view the network of caregivers for a particular patient. In case of emergency, you can share the status of the patient with the primary caregiver easily. You can also communicate with the patients from Health Cloud. It can handle all surveys and appointments. Patients can access their own information easily using mobile apps. They can even contact you directly using video chats. The software also takes care of billing. You can send invoices to your patients and their insurers through the software and get paid on the platform. It simplifies your billing process and lets you concentrate more on patient care. The Health Cloud Enterprise edition will cost you $300/user/month. The Health Cloud Unlimited edition provides all the features of the Enterprise edition with better support. The Unlimited edition is priced at $450/user/month. Salesforce Health Cloud is a superior product. So it will help you built better relationships with your patients. But it can be too expensive for health facilities with modest budgets.

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