Passport is a software program for businesses that makes accounting a bit easier.

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Features of Passport
  • All aspects of payroll services
  • Walkthroughs of accounting and audit protections
  • Instant reporting
Pros of Passport
  • Payroll services
  • Receivable and payable accounts
  • Ledger statements
Cons of Passport
  • Can be overwhelming until you review the services
  • Several video tutorials to watch
Passport Reviews

Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, Passport is a software program that you want to install. It's ideal for those who aren't sure how to get started with accounting and ensuring that payments are made or received. It can also be used to manage payroll and ensure that employees receive the pay that they are entitled to when they are supposed to based on the pay schedule of the company. Most of the solutions with the program are on an entry level, making them easy to understand and manage. A benefit of this program is that it provides audit trails that are essential in the event that you need any kind of proof for accounts or payments that are made or received. The trail is also beneficial to have in case the business is audited in the future. There are instructions for setting up the software program depending on the needs of the company. You can create various files that are labeled in ways that are easy to understand instead of ways that are offered by an accounting program. Details maintained are flexible and recorded with professional quality. Financial reporting can be immediate if that is how you choose to set up the services that are offered. You can also store information until it is needed at a later time. There are pathways that allow for upgrading in the future if the business expands or if you need to add new accounts to those that you currently have. Accounts payable and receivable are options with the program. You can also create ledgers and check reconciliation services to track deposits or voided checks as well as maintaining an unlimited number of accounts. The payroll features are among the best benefits offered by the program and allow for everything from ACH deposit to emailing paystubs to employees.

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