CostX is a software platform geared towards helping construction firms to get a better handle on their project costs and overall finances. As a construction estimating platform, CostX lets users manage subcontractor and project costs, manage bids, and access a variety of different calculators and price books.

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Features of CostX
  • Accurate job costing calculators for streamlined estimates.
  • Quote, project, and subcontractor management functions.
  • Fully customizable cost database.
Pros of CostX
  • Excel-style input structure makes the program accessible for new users.
  • Features comprehensive functions between different libraries and workbooks.
  • Provides competitive value for the entire software package.
Cons of CostX
  • Some reports can appear overly complex without enough experience.
  • Large projects can get unwieldy if there's too much data to keep track of.
  • Can get resource intensive on older machines.
CostX Reviews

When it comes to construction estimating software platforms, few are as competitive in the market as CostX. Inspired by Excel, CostX features a streamlined input structure that has helped to make it incredibly accessible to new users. While some people have had issues with the complex nature of the program, most of these issues are resolved after simply spending a little bit of time with it. Aside from its accessibility, CostX also features a number of useful functions for project managers, including access to a variety of calculators and price books. Of course, projects can get a little unwieldy if too much information is crammed into workbooks and libraries, but proper management techniques can help address this issue as well. Finally, the system's price is another one of its strengths. As one of the cheaper platforms on the market, startup construction firms can especially benefit from investing in CostX's services. While the program itself can be fairly resource intensive, that's really only applicable to older systems. If you have a relatively new computer, you shouldn't run into problems with CostX. Given all of these different factors, it's hard not to recommend CostX. As a project management software platform, it's simply one of the best.

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