ActiveTRACK by Healthware Systems is a program that provides patient status and tracking in real-time. The program automatically captures most metrics and negates the need to rely on users' self-reporting. This tool allows management to monitor multiple areas from one central location by notifying clinical staff of patient arrivals, registration status and acts as a communicative source for staff members. ActiveTRACK also keeps track of patent registration and wait time in real time to improve efficiency. The software captures arrivals, wait times, registration, and clinical transitions to keep organized management of all areas. ActiveTRACK serves to increase efficiency for the clinical staff and patients by making managing registrations and keeping track of the patients almost completely automatic. The system does a great job of notifying staff of new patient arrivals and how long they have been waiting to increase staff efficiency. The software also allows pre-registered patients to sign any required documentation and scan identification or insurance cards with no hassle and no wait. This makes a huge improvement in patient wait time, therefore, making the patient experience much more pleasant and much smoother. ActiveTRACK also makes it so that family members can be notified of patient status as they wait and if special transportation is needed for any patient, porters can be notified so that the patient has exactly what they need. The software keeps track of patient needs and is able to set designated queues for different kinds of patients to streamline needs and fast-track patients who are ready to see their physicians. Overall, the ActiveTRACK software is really great at keeping everything and everyone organized in the clinical setting. It keeps up with where patients are, where they need to be, who checked in, who hasn't checked in, and what still needs to be done. There is also customer support provided by Healthware Systems so that if there is ever an issue with the software, you are able to reach them by phone or by sending a message. ActiveTRACK software has proven itself to be crucial for clinical staff to provide a fast, efficient and patient satisfying experience.

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Features of ActiveTRACK
  • Check-In Registration
  • Registration Tracking
  • Messaging System Between Clinical Departments
Pros of ActiveTRACK
  • Patient Self-Service to Increase Efficiency
  • Customer Service
  • Little to No Wait for Patients
Cons of ActiveTRACK
  • None
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