Guesty is a cloud based software program that is designed to make owning and running an Airbnb or other vacation rental home easier. You can use the software to manage the data of your clients or to manage reservations remotely. You can use the software to manage multiple locations at once. You can also use the software to manage your accounts on websites that you have your information posted on. For example, you could change prices that you have listed on a separate website from Guesty. It also gives you a single unified inbox that shows all related messages together so you do not have to have all of your alerts from your Airbnb coming to your phone. You can also automate certain functions like sending automatic messages to your guests.

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Features of Guesty
  • Guesty does a complete overhaul of communication with your Airbnb guests.
  • You can reach each other with Guesty 24/7, you can set automated messages to be sent to your guests at any time, and you get a separate inbox to see all of your guest's messages in one place.
  • You can process payments from your guests through the app remotely so that you do not have to go through any other channels to get your payments.
  • You can use the app to look at any of your Airbnb's data or to manage the staff that you have at your rental location.
Pros of Guesty
  • Guesty acts as an all in one hub for Airbnbs everywhere. Even if you have multiple locations to manage, you can take care of all of them from this one spot.
  • You can have constant communication with your guests using Gusety, and they will always be able to reach you. You also get a single inbox to view all of your messages with guests.
  • You can use Guesty to set prices for your rental space remotely or deal with reservations for your guests.
Cons of Guesty
  • Guesty is completely designed for Airbnb or similar home rental sites. If you do not own a space like this, there is no need for you to download Guesty. You only need to have Airbnb, or whatever similar website you use.
  • There are so many features on Guesty that it can be easy to get lost for a moment when trying to navigate through the app.
  • While Guesty is a reliable website, some people are hesitant to have their payment information put into any more systems online than they absolutely have to use.
Guesty Reviews

Guesty is an incredibly helpful tool for trying to run an Airbnb. It essentially allows you to manage everything that you could think of from one hub. You can set pricings and manage reservations or you can manage your staff and read through your Airbnb's data. It is really nice to have all of these functions in one single place. Running an Airbnb before Guesty took a lot of discipline and management, but now Guesty makes the entire process far easier. Another one of the more useful features of Guesty is the single inbox that you can have messages related to your Airbnb sent to. That makes it much easier to communicate with your guests. However these are only a few of Guesty's many features.

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