Web software is a software that allows users to create rewards programs to offer to customers at their business. software is able to integrate into many different platforms for businesses so that it can be compatible with just about any business that is interested in developing a rewards program for their customers. offers apps that you can use to make sure all aspects of your reward program are covered such as MailChimp or Klaviyo to send emails to customers about their rewards, Recharge to give customers points for recurring orders and to give coupons off of next purchases, and Yotpo to give customers points whenever they leave reviews on products. has three different options for rewards programs that you can use: points, referrals, and VIP. With the points program, customers are able to create an account with your business, place an order, or leave a review for points. With the referral program, customers can refer their friends to your store or website and will earn rewards. With VIP, you can create a tier system for customers to earn more points as they go up in tiers. starts at $59 per month and ranges up to $599 per month based on the number of members you need. is a great way to set up a reward system for your customers and make them want to come back and shop again with your business. There are multiple options for reward systems with so you will definitely find what you are looking for. The different rewards programs also have different ways you can reward the customer, so they can get coupons for a percentage off, money off, free products, or free shipping so you don't always have to reward your customers the same way for everything. You can also manage your customers and their rewards programs to see where they stand and if they are actively using the rewards program so if you need to make changes for customers to like the program more you can.

Features of
  • Points for customers
  • Rewards for referrals
  • VIP status and tier program for customers
Pros of
  • Create and make changes to your rewards program
  • Rewards program available on mobile or desktop
  • Compatible with any platform
Cons of
  • None Video

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