Mailbutler is a software that acts as a personal assistant for the user in their email inbox. Mailbutler software is available for Apple Mail. Mailbutler can also be used with our Flickr account, Google+, OneNote, Dropbox, and a number of other different social media platforms or file storage website. The Mailbutler software allows users to make notes and reminders on their emails and add those notes or reminders to emails going to other people so everyone is on the same page. Mailbutler also allows users to schedule pre-written emails to be sent at another time. You can also see when an email you sent has been received and read in the Mailbutler system, so you know how to respond from there on. Mailbutler also allows for custom signatures to be created and added to your emails. Mailbutler is available for both desktop access and mobile access. Mailbutler offers 3 different plans that can be paid yearly or monthly starting at free and ending at 29.95 per month or 24.95 per month if you pay yearly. Mailbutler is a great tool for people who tend to send an receive a lot of emails. Mailbutler makes it easy to make the most of your email software by letting you add notes to emails you received and add reminders so you never forget if you need to respond later or remember to do something from the email. It also has a great feature where you can see when the recipient of your email has read your email so you know if you need to follow up again or see if you were being ignored. You can also write emails in advance and schedule them to send later so you don't bother your recipient with emails when they don't have the time or are busy. Mailbutler also lets you set up fun, custom signatures for your emails so when your recipient sees them they stick in their mind. Mailbutler is great if you are an email savvy person who likes to send emails over other forms of communication.

Download MailButler
Features of MailButler
  • Custom Signatures
  • Email Tracking
  • Notes on Emails
Pros of MailButler
  • Affordable
  • Able to Add Notes to Emails
  • Can See When Your Email Was Received and Read
Cons of MailButler
  • Only for Apple Mail
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