ContractWorks is software that allows clients to manage contracts. Notable customers include TruGreen, Inogen,, Fremantle Media of North America and REI Systems. The company behind the software, SecureDocs, Inc., is based in Santa Barbara, Calif., and boasts over 10 million documents and 55 countries served while maintaining 99.99 percent uptime. The company offers one more software: SecureDocs Virtual Data Room.

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Features of ContractWorks
  • Create professional contracts and manage every step of their life
  • Create an alert system of unlimited reminders for milestones to ensure that no important dates are missed.
  • This includes email alerts and calendar integration
  • Manage custom fields and reports that can be exported and shared with coworkers, investors or clients
  • Comprehensive search functionality ensures that all contracts can easily be found
  • Integrated electronic signing removes the need for a third-party program
  • Drag and drop functionality is compatible with virtually any contract file type
  • Control access to documents by setting user permissions
Pros of ContractWorks
  • Includes a 30-day free trial, but registration on the website is required
  • Free support is offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Free training and installation
Cons of ContractWorks
  • The flat fee of $500 per month is easily out of reach of many small businesses. No modular options are available
ContractWorks Reviews

Contracts are a serious deal in the modern business world. They provide protection from costly litigation and can ensure trusted cooperation or monetary reward. The last thing any company wants is to do something incorrectly. That's where ContractWorks comes in. This powerful software has tons of features to help create and manage contracts from drafting to signing and beyond. For example, ContractWorks' built-in non-disclosure agreement management system greatly reduces the time spend on drafting and implementing NDAs. This can save time and increase productivity on other tasks. SecureDocs offers periodical webinars and a wealth of online resources to explain how to handle legal or logistical issues and instruct in the use of the software. The software is used extensively for government and healthcare applications, but is also used in manufacturing, technology and not-for-profit scenarios.

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