IPushPull is data sharing software designed for businesses with an emphasis on financial needs and trading. The company behind the software is based in London, England, and has been awarded two government grants to support its work in data security and access control.

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Features of IPushPull
  • Share real-time data with other machines, eschewing the need for traditional file transfers
  • Native integrations with Microsoft Office Excel, Symphony, Slack, OpenFin, Cloudera, Amazon Web Services and WordPress
  • Email and SMS alert system
  • Active Directory and single sign-on support for enterprise users
  • Live streaming data, even on mobile devices
Pros of IPushPull
  • Compatible with mobile and desktop devices, giving the software an edge over non-mobile competitors
Cons of IPushPull
  • Pricing is by quote only, so expect a hefty price tag that might be out of reach of smaller businesses
  • Free trial requires registration on the iPushPull website
IPushPull Reviews

In the age of the mobile workplace, it's imperative for businesses to make sure data can move from place to place as easily as staff can. The traditional methods of emailing and basic file sharing can be too slow and cumbersome for the needs of today, so firms have begun to look elsewhere for better solutions. iPushPull is the answer to these problems. The software allows data sharing between machines without relying on files, instead using the ever-popular cloud to handle transfers. Information is shared live and naturally, as if all parties were gathered in the same place. The product includes a live web app that allows the distribution of data to the client base in a safe, secure manor. Using iPushPull, administrators can create work spaces that allow multi-view functionality. This way, multiple types of data can be displayed at the same time. For example, a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and a PDF document can be open side-by-side while video and audio are streaming to cover all angles of an issue. Administrators can also easily control user permissions to enhance security, and extensive monitoring tools allow review of all actions within the platform. The software can use the cloud exclusively or be installed on-premises for businesses that demand superior control and security.

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