Gun.IO is an innovative new software that claims to allow users to connect with a large pool of professional freelancers. The software claims to be capable of connecting its clients with "Elite Professional Freelancers" at the click of a button, an innovation that expedites the process significantly. In short, the software acts as a middleman, taking care of stressful dirty work for a small percentage of the price. The software functions by matching clients with their hand-picked pool of freelancers, which the company behind the software claims is twenty-five thousand strong. That is an extraordinary number by any margin. The software operates by combining human interaction with a carefully constructed backend that pairs clients and employers together in a short amount of time. The company claims that by combining the "humanity of an agency" with the competitive nature of a talent-driven marketplace they are able to cultivate a mutually beneficial system for all parties. Every freelancer employed by Gun.IO is vetted thoroughly, ensuring the integrity of their pool of workers. Additionally, Gun.IO freelancers are only allowed to work on a single project at any point in time, guaranteeing that your order is their priority. Furthermore, the company also claims that by using their service, your dollar will go much further than it would otherwise. When taking into account their risk management system and the opportunity cost saved by utilizing their software, the company holds to the claim that users will save large sums by using their service. In short, Gun.IO has a large number of lofty goals. What remains to be seen is whether or not they live up to their own sales pitch.

Features of
  • Hand-picked, professional freelancers
  • Intuitive backend
  • Smart algorithm technology
  • Opportunity-cost savings
Pros of
  • Excellent user interface
  • Easy to comprehend
  • Quality freelancers
  • Consistent delivery
Cons of
  • Distant customer service
  • Lengthy sign-up process
  • Empty marketing promises Reviews

Gun.IO's main selling point is its focus on human interaction. The idea is that by leaving very little to algorithms, human interaction will instead be the focus of each interaction. This human touch will theoretically yield more personable customer support and satisfaction. In practice, this is actually the weakest part of Gun.IO's overall package. The software excels in its central purpose, that being to match freelancers with clients at an accelerated pace, but the majority of its other claims come off as lip service. Customer service, while definitely managed by human beings, is a slow and cumbersome process, and one that almost makes us question why it isn't being managed by an algorithm. That said, the guarantee of a human being on the other end is definitely a comforting one. The freelancers are the software's greatest boon; Every individual we interacted with was of quality and passionate about their work. When trying to hire someone online, that is really as much as you can hope for. Additionally, the software has a large number of previous deals with larger companies that lend themselves nicely to their claims: Tesla, Cisco, and NBC Universal all utilize Gun.Io. In short, the software is excellent at delivering on its mission statement. If you're looking for an easy and fast way to connect with high-quality professionals, then Gun.IO may be exactly what you need. Just don't put too much weight on the rest of their marketing. Video

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