Kornukopia, Education Ecosystem

Kornukopia, Education Ecosystem

The Kornukopia Education Ecosystem is a suite of tools designed to streamline the job of teachers and educational administrators.

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Features of Kornukopia, Education Ecosystem
  • Common core curriculum integrated directly into the program
  • A dozen languages natively supported through the core software
  • Supported with a substantive collection of tutorial videos and documentation
  • Lives in the cloud, making it accessible to all users 24/7
Pros of Kornukopia, Education Ecosystem
  • Free to all recognized academic organizations
  • High level of customization means it can be adapted to a wide range of learning styles
  • Able to run effectively on tablets, smartphones, and computers
Cons of Kornukopia, Education Ecosystem
  • Available only to academic organizations
  • Exists in a crowded market of cheap and inexpensive learning management software
Kornukopia, Education Ecosystem Reviews

Kornukopia advertises itself as an education management ecosystem. What that means in practice is that it allows educators, administrators, and students to more effectively communicate with one another. Through the use of HTML 5, REST, Django and PHP, Kornukopia has created a platform that allows control over everything from one-on-one tutoring to departmental organization. The modular design of the software means it can be scaled to match the size and specialization of your school, and each teacher will have granular control of how they interact and engage with their students. The modern structure of their databases means all information is updated automatically, so you can respond to the needs of students or teachers and make changes to your curriculum on the fly. To more effectively respond to the needs of clients, Kornukopia is split up into three unique systems: a Learning Management System, a Student Information System, and a Learning Content Management System. Each of these is integrated tightly together, allowing the free exchange of information between systems and precise control of who can see what. Established roles allow you to easily set editing and management preferences for roles within your school system, and you can even add your own for roles like coaches or substitute teachers. The Student Information System gives you unprecedented control over how you track the progress of your students and interact directly with them. More than just a simple student directory, this database allows you to track a wide variety of metrics for each student and even create your own. Everything from grades to attendance are easily accessible, and you can further expand your reach with the wide range of available modules. The Learning Content Management System allows teachers and administrators a repository where they can upload, edit, and share all the materials they need for their curriculum. Whether you're looking upload only copies of your textbooks or expand the learning experience with videos or Powerpoint presentations, you can add them here and present them instantly to your registered students. Powerful search functionality makes it easy to find new materials to add to your repertoire. The Learning Management System serves as the beating heart of the platform, connecting together your students' information with their progress. Here you can set up lesson plans, process digitally uploaded assignments provided by your students, and instantly update grades so everyone you've granted access can see them. Parents no longer have to wait to have a report card delivered to their home. The flexibility of Kornukopia comes from its extensive selection of free modules. The standard included modules include a calendar which serves as the hub of your experience, a grading module where you can set curves and weigh averages instantly, and a communications system where you can directly and immediately provide feedback to your students and answer their questions.

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