SO WHAT IS SCOREBUDDY ALL ABOUT? Years ago, physical score cards or computer spreadsheets were used to track customer interactions. The most popular example of a score card system is the one utilized for monitoring quality assurance during a customer service phone call. Scorebuddy essentially serves as a cloud-based, software replacement option for such tools of yesteryear. Web users can access this platform to design and implement their organization's own score cards. Instead of a spreadsheet, we have a software client handling all of our data and tracking it accordingly. Emulating the service's data analysis tools via a spreadsheet would require an extensive knowledge of every Excel function ever created. Said spreadsheet still wouldn't achieve the power that this service does when it comes to analyzing trends in customer service data! SO HOW DOES IT STACK UP? While Scorebuddy certainly isn't the only game in town when it comes to achieving the desired end goal, it manages to stand out for several important reasons. The first thing that most users immediately notice is the fact that ANY user could operate this interface, pull data and then analyze said data with no former IT experience or knowledge. Most other options require the end user to have, at the very least, a primitive understanding of traditional info system structure. On top of being simple to use, the practice templates offered via the service are of a higher quality than other templates offered through other options. This simply means that we have practice templates that better mimic the flow of a real situation. It's a simple feature that most competitor options fail to offer. Overall, it's difficult to argue against Scorebuddy being the best solution out there. Let's look at a quick rundown of the pros and cons.

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Features of Scorebuddy
  • An Employee and Supervisor dashboard feature for both parties to track their own progress.
  • A set of advanced features with the same intuitive nature as the basic ones.
  • A very quick sign up process.
Pros of Scorebuddy
  • Pros
  • The service is cloud based. This means that you will not have to go through the trouble of installing software onto your hard drive and/or server.
  • As discussed above in the review, all facets of the service are easy to navigate and use. This is true even at an intermediate level.
  • A pricing system that is fair. What we mean by this is the fact that the service does not charge the end user for initial setup. You pay a fee each month according to the tier that you fall into.
Cons of Scorebuddy
  • It could feel too simple for some end users. Please consider, this IN NO WAY MEANS THAT ADVANCED ANALYTICS IS NOT POSSIBLE HERE! It simply means that there is a certain type of end user that does not appreciate software that offers simple designs when it comes to such functions.
  • It's in the cloud; you must have web access while using it. We all know that wi-fi can certainly go out at the office!
  • It's offered through a tier pricing structure. This means that if you have your heart set on a feature that is exclusive to that higher teir then you must purchase that higher tier. It is important to note that the bottom tier offers more than enough features for 90% of end users.
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