Panorama is an innovative new piece of software designed to assist educators in creating a positive and effective learning environment for their students. The app has a number of useful features, all of which go a long way in bolstering the software's worth. Panorama allows educators to monitor what the app calls "Social-Emotional Learning", which it claims can go a long way in creating an effective environment for education. Additionally, Panorama allows educators to track their student's success with a number of intuitively designed programs and algorithms. Be it academics, attendance, behavior, or the aforementioned emotional learning statistic, Panorama provides everything educator's need to keep a watchful eye on their students. Additionally, Panorama has a comprehensive user-feedback system that allows for student's and their families to take an active role in the education process. The survey functionality allows teachers to collect feedback from families, superiors, staff, and most importantly, their students. This information can be extremely important for educator's, as it allows them to correct or adjust their methods to help create the best learning experience possible. Panorama claims that its features are backed exclusively by research and extensive hands-on testing. The software ensures users that the data they will be receiving from the software is reliable and accurate, which means it can be easily implemented into academia at any time. The surveys are performed with effective and intuitively designed algorithms, so as to ensure the information they yield is trustworthy and actionable. The data analytics provided by Panorama are second to none as well. With the ability to be visualized and interacted with, Panorama provides educators with an unrivaled toolkit that allows them to personize their curriculum. Panorama also provides educator's with a number of professional services and training workshops, meaning they are never given a reason to stop improving the quality of their classroom's effectiveness. Panaroma's staff claims that it will work closely with educator's, providing top-rated customer service and lightning-quick response times.

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Features of Panorama
  • Extensive data analytic services
  • Great customer service
Pros of Panorama
  • Invaluable data
  • Great surveys
  • Intuitive design
Cons of Panorama
  • Poor delivery of survey data
Panorama Reviews

Does Panorama deliver on its lofty set of promises? The answer is a resounding yes, as the software delivers a wonderful user experience across the board. While there are some things the software could stand to improve, the experience is overall a tightly made and stress-free one. To begin, Panorama delivers an extremely well-designed user interface. The software is very easy to navigate and provides a wealth of navigational tools to keep educators working and not trying to find their way through complicated menus. Additionally, Panorama delivers an extremely expedient customer service experience, one that is quick and thorough in its responses. This fact goes a long way in giving Panorama an air of quality and refinement, two facts often missing from similar pieces of software. All of that said, Panorama could stand to improve the method in which it delivers its analytics. Often times, this information is clumsily packed into easy-to-miss emails, making one of the software's greatest selling points into a confusing misstep. That said, the information included within the emails are still invaluable, and worth the perplexing delivery. In short, Panorama is an excellent piece of software for any educator looking to take things to the next level.

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