Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning by Microsoft has recently been renamed Azure Machine Learning Studio. It is a comprehensive and simple browser-based, drag-and-drop creation software that requires no coding. All you need to go from an idea to execution is a mouse that can click. You don't need a long history of coding, tons of computer experience, or anything other than the idea in your head. Azure Studio is a cloud service that allows for the creation and deployment of analytics solutions. The program is so easy to learn that once you try it, you'll wonder why you ever tried predictive analytics solutions any other way. If you aren't sure where to begin, the Microsoft Azure website has several comprehensive tutorials to teach you how to use the interface and structure your projects. The Microsoft forum is also populated by Microsoft's engineers, who are happy to answer questions. If you're a data scientist or developer, Azure Studio will be a great tool for you. The software is optimized for applied machine learning. You can use pre-programmed algorithms and a simply designed drag-and-drop interface to move from idea to execution in just a few clicks. For developers who want built in data science, Microsoft's Azure Marketplace and APIs have a variety of options. Though there's no need for custom code with Azure Studio, you can still use it. If you're currently an R or Python user, you can utilize more than two hundred built-in packages and custom code supports. The Microsoft blog has specific instructions for how to integrate Machine Learning with Python and R coding. The data analytics solutions that you create can be published and shared with the Microsoft Gallery or the Azure Marketplace. People all over the world share their data experiments and real solutions. The Gallery is a learning platform designed to share scientific practices with the data science community - scientists from all over study the innovative uses of Azure Studio showcased in the Gallery.

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Features of Azure Machine Learning
  • Hundreds of built-in packages supporting R and Python
  • Easily navigable interface with a streamlined approach
  • Click-to-deployment method with no coding knowledge required
  • Ability to save datasets and complex algorithms
  • Input and output tables with broken-down analysis
  • Decision trees and other graphic organizers
  • Web assistance including one-on-one engineer assistance and several tutorials
  • Step by step breakdown of data processes
Pros of Azure Machine Learning
  • Multiple easily accessible online resources make learning Azure Studio easy
  • No coding knowledge is required to create comprehensive data analytics
  • Intelligently coded systems can show problems before they arise
  • Experiments showcased in the Gallery give a good idea of the software's potential
  • The interface is easy to learn and comprehensive
Cons of Azure Machine Learning
  • Azure Studio does not break down data as comprehensively as some other analytics softwares
  • People with Python and R programming knowledge are at an advantage (possibly a pro if you're familiar with Python and R)
  • Azure Studio seems largely experimental and has an interface geared toward beginners
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