MailMunch is a software that allows the user to set up customized forms for visitors to their website to fill out, so they can receive newsletters and notifications from the user's website. MailMunch offers different ways to attract the viewer to the form with banners across the top of your website's menu bar, popups as the viewer moves through the website, slide boxes, and other options. MailMunch is also able to see when the viewer is about to leave your website or when they finished reading a post so that before they go they are given the option to complete the form and subscribe to your website. MailMunch lets you see how well your forms are doing with analytics and reports and keeps track of your daily subscribers. MailMunch offers free use of the service for one website and goes up to $60 per month to use MailMunch on as many sites as you want. MailMunch is an easy to use software to get viewers on your website to subscribe to you. Having a viewer subscribe to your website can have them coming back for more and MailMunch makes it easy to create banners and slide-in notifications on your website that catch the visitor's eye and makes them want to subscribe. The pop up before a user leaves the website or right when they finish reading a post is a plus because it stops them and makes them think about coming back rather than letting them close out of the webs page and never think of your site again or want to come back to your site and not know the address. MailMunch also keeps track of how many people per day are signing up for subscriptions which is great to see if the way you have the opt-in forms coming up is working or not and shows you if you need to make any changes. MailMunc is a cool software for any website owner that is looking to not only maintain traffic but increase traffic to their website.

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Features of MailMunch
  • Generate leads for email subscriptions
  • Exit monitoring to pop up the opt-in form before visitors leave the site
  • Analytics and Reporting
Pros of MailMunch
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Turn website abandoners to leads
  • Keeps track of subscriptions per day
Cons of MailMunch
  • Can be annoying to some visitors
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