ThoughSpot is a search-driven analytics platform that allows you to track your company's metrics without the need to hire a professional analyst.

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Features of ThoughtSpot
  • Search-driven data analysis
  • Ability to integrate charts, search functions, and dashboards with your software
  • Customized analytics portals powered by ThoughtSpot API
Pros of ThoughtSpot
  • Data analysis scaled to the demands of any business model
  • Seamless integration of all the ThoughtSpot features from an intuitive dashboard
  • Granular control over your system's security
Cons of ThoughtSpot
  • Can't provide some of the more creative demands of data analysis
  • Modeled for business owners needing to sort large amounts of data
ThoughtSpot Reviews

If you want your business to operate at peak efficiency, you need to be able to track and analyze the data provided by your clients and business model. ThoughtSpot removes the need for hiring an analyst by putting AI-driven data analysis right at your fingertips. Its easy interface and robust selection of filtering options mean that you can customize the experience to match the specific needs of your business. ThoughtSpot's data can be directly integrated into apps, workflow, and portals. The way we process data is personal, and there's a big difference between how you want to read your company's metrics and how you might want to present them to partners or investors. That's why ThoughtSpot provides a wide range of options as to how you display and integrate this information. Embedded relational searches can be integrated directly into your client-side portal. That means whatever information you need can be discovered with a simple search, making it easy to find esoteric data without having to dig through piles of reports and charts. Automatic indexing means that ThoughtSpot will instantly catalog information you find relevant so you won't have to wait for the information to process. The DataRank functions allows ThoughtSpot to estimate what you're looking for and provide you with homonyms, synonyms, and predictive text as you type your interests into the search bar. If you're looking for a more technical understanding of how the software processes your searches, you can even check in on the nitty gritty of your data queries with Search Inspector. If you're looking to make a presentation to clients or investors, ThoughtSpot can automatically transform your data and analytics into more visually appealing forms. Whether you're looking to display pie charts, line graphs, or bar charts, you'll have everything you need. With ThoughtSpot, you can rely on template dashboards or create your own so that you'll be able to reach all of your most pertinent information easily. You can use these to track everything from monthly sales numbers to charts tracking your site's traffic on an hourly and daily basis. ThoughtSpot has optimized their software to provide an intuitive and nimble experience. Through the use of parallel processing, ThoughtSpot efficiently operates multiple searches across all of your data. As a result, the software can scour billions of records in mere seconds. Additionally, the query performance operator keeps a log of your past searches to predict your needs and speed up the performance of your future searches. It's easy to provide customized accessibility options to each of your employees and partners, and ThoughSpot can be scaled to match the needs of any sized business. Thoughtspot is supposed to serve as an alternative to a traditional data analyst, and they provide a wide range of resources to help business owners and managers understand the data available to them. Documentation, tutorials, and live customer service are accessible to all users.

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