Greenify is a mobile app that gives you greater control over your Android device's power usage, allowing you to get a lot more mileage out of your battery life without having to constantly plug it back into a charger.

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Features of Greenify
  • Put apps you aren't using actively in a state of hibernation
  • Lock closed apps out of running processes without permission
  • Control leveraged on an app by app basis
Pros of Greenify
  • Easy to install, easy to configure
  • Most features available in the free version
  • Runs seamlessly in the background
Cons of Greenify
  • Many of the features available in Greenify are now integrated in to the Android system natively
  • Some features locked behind a paywall
Greenify Reviews

Mobile phones are beginning to supplant the traditional laptop and desktop as the principle communication device for people around the world. As mobile apps becoming increasingly more powerful and intuitive, the social, personal, and professional functions we used to have to sit in front of a computer to use are now available with a simple tap, swipe, or pinch. But more powerful applications also mean more energy intensive applications. Strong software, and particularly games, can drain you from a full battery to empty in almost no time at all, and this only magnifies if you're running multiple apps at the same time. Since phones are designed to be always accessible and used wherever you happen to be, this creates a significant problem. We can't simply plug our phone into a charge while on the daily commute, and tethering our phone to the wall when we're trying to use our phone is awkward even at home. Greenify presents the means to minimize the amount of battery life that your apps drain and give you longer mileage from every charge. In 2013, it was ranked by LifeHacker as the number one utility app for Android devices. Greenify's main function is to minimize the energy footprint of any apps you have running in the background. With Greenify on your phone, any apps you aren't using front and center drop into a sort of hibernation mode. They're still easily accessible through the tap of a button, and they'll save whatever you were doing, but they'll cut back strongly on the amount of energy they suck out of your device. But that's just half the story. It also offers a force stop function that prevents any given apps from restarting on their own, and that can serve as both a way to save your battery life and prevent distractions from apps that like to constantly remind you of their existence or who connect with WiFi constantly. You have a granular amount of control over what processes hibernate and drop into inactive mode, meaning you have a lot of flexibility regarding the app ecosystem of your device. While battery saving is the main function of Greenify, it's also great for people frustrated with the amount of snooping their apps do. Whether it's pulling regularly from the net to pull up notifications or updating without your permission, you have control over how your apps operate, and it can even save you on data usage if you're a more frugal user. While the functions of the app are simple, they serve a powerful demand on the market, and the lightweight design of the app and its basic interface makes it a useful utility that you can just set up and then forget about.

greenify is no longer working in my REDMI NOTE 4. I give all permission as it wants. but after clicking on hibernate it tries to force stop any app and stucks on one app. it doesn't go to another app to hibernate.

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