Twitterific is an app that offers several functions and fun features for your Twitter account.

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Features of Twitterrific
  • Track notices
  • Conversations can be color-coded
  • Change aspects for night viewing
  • View what followers post
Pros of Twitterrific
  • Hide what you don't want to see
  • Change fonts and themes
  • Choose the notifications you want to get
Cons of Twitterrific
  • Miss out on some tweets if you don't unblock notifications
  • Can take up a large amount of space on the device
Twitterrific Reviews

This app is one to have installed if you use Twitter. You can manage your account, view responses and likes and see notifications without logging in to your account. The app allows you to look at tweets and information without combing through all of the unwanted messages. Muffles allow you to hide the unwanted tweets and messages as well as the information that you don't want to see. You can also hide certain people you don't want to follow or hash-tags so that you don't receive tweets that have those words in the tag. Aside from the functional aspects of the app, you can customize your Twitter page and the information that you receive on the app. You can change the font size and design. There's also an option to change the avatar design. You can choose the thumbnails that you want to see on the app and on your Twitter page. There is a section where you can choose a theme to use for your account. The theme that you choose will change everything from the colors to the images that you see and that other people see based on what is included in the theme. You receive a notification on your device when a Tweet is posted or when someone responds to something that you've posted. You can change from one account to another by scrolling across the screen or tapping on the screen. Conversation threads are posted on your screen when you want to see what other people talk about. You can remove someone from a conversation or send a request to include someone. Manage everything from lists to the pictures that you see on Twitter.

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