ZzBots is an easy to use web based software platform for integrating your apps and automating your workflows. 1. Sync data between apps apps in realtime to avoid redundant tasks such as manually importing & exporting or copying & pasting between apps. 2. Create custom notifications for anything you want. Instead of manually logging into various apps to get your data, let bots fetch the data and bring it to you. 3. Search all your apps from one location instead of logging into various systems to find your data. 4. Built-in database with customizable fields to allow you and your bots to store & retrieve information as part of your workflows. 5. Built-in realtime chat system to collaborate with co-workers. Each record has a chat/comments section. 6. Mobile apps for iOS and Android for easy access to your bots, data, and mobile push notifications.

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Features of ZzBots
  • zzBots is a web based integration and automation platform:
  • Integration between apps
  • Automation for workflows
  • Notifications for anything
  • Search many apps at once
  • Easy to create your own bots

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