Gumtree is a free app that allows you to search for products that you wish to buy while also posting items that you wish to sell. It is essentially an app-based online marketplace run by the community, and it features over 2.

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Features of Gumtree
  • Buy, Sell, Connect
  • Community Support
Pros of Gumtree
  • PayPal Compatible
  • Simple Controls
Cons of Gumtree
  • Some Notification Issues
Gumtree Reviews

Gumtree is an extensive online marketplace that works a lot like a digital garage sale. It works to connect those who have merchandise with those who want it, and it is simple to use and even easier to buy what you want. You can use the app to pay for your products using PayPal after you have met with the seller, and you can allow your buyers to pay for items you are selling with PayPal as well. There is also a new customer support system that uses a 24/7 live text chat platform to offer help at any time. Using Gumtree is about as simple as it can be. You can easily use the gesture controls to browse through listings for new cars, home items, tools, furniture, entertainment items, and much more. You can use the app from your mobile device to post ads, and you can even add images to your posts that you take immediately with your mobile device. You can advertise your posts by sharing them with your family and friends through Facebook, email, SMS text, WhatsApp, and several other methods. With your Gumtree account that you'll make before posting an ad, you can promote your listings from anywhere using the web. You can also track and manage any postings you have from your mobile device or any device with the Gumtree app into which you can login. If you want help with buying or selling an item as quickly as possible, you can use the push notifications and live messaging functions that are integrated with the software. Since vehicles are one of the biggest sellers on the Gumtree platform, it is exceptionally easy to search for the perfect car in the dedicated Cars module. You can create specific searches simply by tapping the emblem for the cars that are most commonly searched for in the app. The integrated Facebook Messenger bot acts as a support system that you can access at any time. Product categories that are found in the Gumtree app include, but are not limited to, gardening, sports and fitness, jobs or casual work, furniture, cars for sale, electronics and computers, baby and children, real estate, clothing and jewelry, and many others. If you are in the market for a specific product, it would make perfect sense to download Gumtree so you can see if that product is for sale in your immediate area from someone who might give you an exceptional deal. Once you find that special item, you can pay for it using PayPal as long as the transaction doesn't exceed $10,000. Try Gumtree and see what treasures you can find.

Gumtree has increasingly become a complete piece of crap ever since ebay purchased it. It used to be free and the best. If somebody wanted to make tens of millions of dollars, they would create another alternative to gumtree, which does exactly what gumtree used to do (unlimited free ads etc.) Run it for free for a number of years, and then wait until eBay offers to buy you out for a tens of millions of dollars. (The way they paid about $70,000,000 for gumtree a few years ago -- to get rid of the free competition).

waste of time, keeps cancelling all add for stoopid reason like never before !!! Ebay eliminated a competitor, will be down soon !

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