Pipes offers an interactive newsfeed that's tailored to your specific interests and adapts to accommodate your needs.

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Features of Pipes
  • Features over 100,000 topics to explore
  • Displays news articles customized to your demands
  • Built off an advanced understanding of user consumption patterns
Pros of Pipes
  • Very nice UI and UX design
  • News feed adapts to your behaviors in a very clever way
  • Search functions are powerful and intuitive
Cons of Pipes
  • Provides less detailed news compilation than more robust RSS feeds
  • Doesn't fundamentally distinguish itself from other competitors like Flipboard
Pipes Reviews

The amount of news available at any given moment of time is frankly astonishing. With the advent of multiple 24 hour news networks and an endless parade of online news sources of varying quality and authenticity. Some people find a few news outlets that interest them and stick with them. Others rely on RSS news feeds which compile vast libraries of articles according to criteria established by the user and let them sort through them as they wish. Pipes finds a middle ground between the two. This news aggregate app serves as a sort of personal, digital news editor, sorting through the news of the day, picking the articles most relevant to your interests, and displaying them in a clean and uncluttered interface. Setup of Pipes is simple. You'll be asked to check off categories, or "pipes", that interest you. Pipes will automatically start to compile a feed tailored to your specifications. The first thing you'll notice after creating your account is how crisp and slickly designed the UI is. It has the look of a glossy magazine, with image heavy articles displayed in nice sizable panels. Each of your pipes is assigned to a separate section on the main page, and when you navigate to each of these pipes, they're automatically populated with articles which are largely culled from existing RSS feeds. News articles load quickly, and the minimalist interface provides you with a magazine-style interface that's eminently easy on the eyes. Social media functionality is built directly into the app. You can bookmark articles with the tap of an icon and share them with friends on a variety of connected social media platforms. Each category also provides quick links to relevant Twitter conversations and Wikipedia pages. This is one of the app's great strengths. Users are encouraged to dig deeper into the details of the topics that interest them, but the option never seems intrusive. If you're looking to journey outside of your comfort zone, an always available "Top Stories" category spotlights some of the most popular news articles from around the world. The app is further complemented by push notifications that alert you when stories of interest pop up on your feed. Users have a great amount of control over how frequent notifications in each of their chosen pipes occur. Your Pipes feed also learns more about your interests based off of your behaviors. The more you interact with stories that interest you, the higher Pipes will prioritize similar articles and the more frequently and prominently they'll appear in your feed. Over 100,000 topics are available, and search functionality gives curious users more control over how they explore the world of news. A recently included feature is reader levels, which add a degree of gameification to the experience. Reading and sharing articles levels you up. It's a simple system that doesn't really add much to the experience.

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