Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack

Produced by Etermax, Trivia Crack lets players answer trivia questions and compete against other people on mobile devices. The game offers six categories, which are Art, Entertainment, Geography, History, Science and Sports. Each match pits you against an opponent. To win, you have to collect each category's character before your opponent can collect all six. As in other trivia games you may have played, turns alternate via rounds, and games sometimes end in the first round, with the first player collecting all six characters without a wrong answer. That event is rare, but be prepared to occasionally endure or achieve such a shutout. It is part of Trivia Crack's allure!

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Features of Trivia Crack
  • Available for the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone operating systems
  • Facebook login
  • One account for phone and Facebook versions
  • Play against Facebook friends or random strangers
  • Fast pace
  • The element of chance via a spinning wheel
  • One-on-one mode
  • Challenge mode for simultaneously facing multiple opponents
Pros of Trivia Crack
  • Trivia Crack moves quickly.
  • It will help you learn new facts.
  • You can test your knowledge and speed against people from other locales.
  • It can help you train your brain and reflexes for trivia night at your favorite bar.
  • The game's ranking system and awards encourage you to reach new levels.
Cons of Trivia Crack
  • Occasionally, you will encounter a wrong answer frustratingly listed as the correct one.
  • Sometimes, opponents surrender and take the fun out of playing.
  • It may cause your mobile device to overheat.
  • Taking a turn costs one life.
  • Additional lives cost money or time wasted watching ads.
Trivia Crack Reviews

Trivia Crack's title admits that it is an addictive game. This mobile game borrows from Trivial Pursuit, but it plays faster than that often-cumbersome classic. The app's turn-taking style lets players participate in unlimited simultaneous matches. That aspect helps players quickly get their fix of the game's sounds and animated characters. If you answer a question incorrectly, thereby ending your turn, the game returns you to your home screen, so you can take your turn in another live match or start a new one. Obviously, a player could burn several consecutive hours playing this game! Only you can decide whether that fact would positively influence your life.

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