Akinator is an entertainment app that acts like a digital genie that can read your mind. The game will ask you a few questions about the character you have chosen, and it will attempt to guess the character from your provided answers.

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Features of Akinator
  • Question-Based Guessing Game
  • Play Against Friends
Pros of Akinator
  • Vast Character Library
  • Fun Entertainment
Cons of Akinator
  • In-App Purchases
Akinator Reviews

If you want an app that helps you pass the time in an entertaining way, Akinator is a fun option. Challenge the genie by choosing a character and answering some questions about your selection. The app includes various leaderboards so you can see how well you do against the genie compared to your friends or all players. The game is one of the few with a built-in child mode that you can activate by turning on the integrated child filter. This will prevent the game from exposing your children to themes or characters that are too advanced for them to handle. While the app includes a number of in-app purchases that you would have to buy to unlock the full potential of the software, it can be used for free to a certain point. If you want to experience the software unencumbered by locked characters and annoying ads, you can purchase THE ULTIMATE POTION from the game store. This gives you the ability to use any character in the game, it removes ads from every app page, and it gives you the opportunity to customize any and every character that you like. The object of the game is to stump the genie by selecting a character that he won't be able to guess. You'll have to think creatively to find a character that the genie won't be able to guess, but one thing you can do is cycle through characters efficiently so that the genie is forced to guess characters that haven't been seen in quite some time. If you would like to customize the game even further, you can certainly do so. You can change the skin of the genie to that of a disco dancer, a cowboy, a vampire, or any number of other characters. You can also set new backgrounds thanks to the Geniz feature. You can win extra Geniz every single day by finding five mysterious characters in that day. The new MyWorld experience in Akinator is quite astounding as well. It can gather your friends and relatives in one single location, and it can do so without you having to do a thing. It doesn't matter if you even have the app open. This is an entirely new way to enjoy the Akinator app. Remember that the Akinator app will only function properly if it has a connection to the internet. This can be in the form of WiFi or a data network accessible with your mobile device. The mobile app can be used in many different languages, including German, Japanese, English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Hebrew, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Chinese, and Polish.

This game is total wast of time, energy and money too. It just depicts you as a cheater at the end if you play very well and break all previous records. Just a bad experience and suggest to uninstall it as soon as possible.

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