Summit delivers news that matters to you, but with a twist. As a news aggregation software, breaking stories are collected, summarized and visually grafted into interesting infographics to keep you updated on current events while on-the-go.

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Features of Summit
  • Full 3D Apple Touch Support
  • Native Language Processing Powered Summaries
  • Save Article Option
  • Share Article Functions
  • OS 8 and Newer Compatibility
  • OS Dynamic Type Support
  • Pre-Loaded News Feeds
Pros of Summit
  • No back-end data processing
  • Growing list of news sources
  • Simplistic navigation
  • Intelligent content summary
  • Full text search function
  • Phone and iPad compatible
Cons of Summit
  • Only provides news summaries
  • May not have your favorite news source
  • Isn’t compatible with Android devices
  • Multi-language support is limited
Summit Reviews

Wish you had more time to read the news? Are you tired of always being one step behind in politics, entertainment or industry information? If so, then Summit may be the solution you never knew you needed. Summit is delivers three products into a beautiful app. As a news aggregate, it allows you to pick from a growing list of news sources. Simply open Summit, and scroll through the various news sources that interest you. Gone are the days of manually seeking out the latest stories from the publishers you appreciate most. Want to add or delete a news source? Editing your sourced outlets is as simple as clicking a few options. As the journalistic world grows, it’s easy to pass over what could be your new favorite news source. Before committing to an outlet, select the preview option and quickly scan their latest headlines. No more wasting time scrolling through potential outlets. In a matter of minutes, you can save your trusted sources and explore new publishers. The next level of Summit is its most advanced. After selecting a news source, scroll through the well-designed headlines and click an article that interests you. Within a matter of seconds, a perfectly summarized version of the content appears. This is an amazing feature for those who only have a few minutes to spare. So, how do you know you aren’t missing integral story elements? Designed to leverage the core natural language capabilities that’s already built into your iOS device, Summit takes advantage of this pre-built processing technology to automatically create naturally fluent content summaries. Unlike similar software, which utilizes its own native language processing platform, Summit activates the precision of tech giant Apple. The last component of this solid news app is perhaps the most unique. After you’ve read the customized summary, explore content unlike ever before. Each article generates an infographic to visualize content. While this may seem unnecessary, its content visualization engine streamlines comprehension and delivers the story in an expedited fashion without diluting the core of its message. Combined with easy navigation cues, and a brilliantly designed user interface, Summit is transforming the way news is read and absorbed. What if you want to read the full content at a later time? Simply click the “save” icon and return to the content when it’s most convenient for you. Overall, Summit is a solid solution for busy professionals. Accessing news that most interests you has never been faster, easier or more attractive.

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